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  • Funny!!!

    posted by miriamc14

    Those are wonderful!!! great to turn any current cookie receipe into an amusement candy or gift!Helps you set a pefect sweet treat table o centerpiece, suitable both for boys and girls as it has 4 nice cartoon like animals
    Can also help kids become interested in cooking as they´ll enjoy the fun of making animal´s cookies! Perfect to have them handy during a rainy afternoon!I´ve currently used them to make sweet cookies, but can also help with other kind of food! such as crackers
    Make things funny at a glimpse
  • Nice, simple shape!

    posted by sedx

    Great price for a nice, aluminum cookie cutter. The oval shape is simple, but versatile. It's not a big cookie cutter, but it's perfect for decorating with a word or a name with icing or with the letter embossing set that's also available from DX. It's also good for kids to trace the shape.
    Simple shapes can be some of the most versatile cookie cutters because you can decorate them any way you want to.
    Because the cookie cutter is made from heavy aluminum, it won't get bent and it won't rust when you wash it.
  • Versatile shaped cookie cutter.

    posted by sedx

    I got this cookie cutter because it looks like a little tombstone, so it's great for Halloween cookies. It could also be used for a door or a window. It's probably too narrow to work for a cupcake shaped cookie. I bet there are other uses I haven't thought of.
    Simple shapes can make really useful cookie cutters since you can decorate the resulting cookies any way you want.
    Great price for nicely made cookie cutter. Because it's a sturdy aluminum, it won't get bent and it won't rust like your typical cookie cutters.
  • Perfect for adult parties

    posted by SweetSwede

    Very sturdy build, you would have to work really hard trying to alter it's shape.Super cute martini glass design for adult guests.
    Once I do bake with this I will decorate the cookies with a green smarties chocolate drop and frosting for the stick.It made it through the dishwasher machine with no problems.
    Buy it and try it out if you like to bake!
  • Gets the job done.

    posted by Nyxity

    Good size, light weight, and very easy to clean. Very easy to cut through most doughs.
    Perhaps more sizes in one set would make this even more useful; seeing miniatures/ multiples together as a set contribute to more appealing presentation.
    An alright product.

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