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bike water resistant bag

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bike water resistant bag Customers Reviews

  • Stopgap

    posted by rilentl

    I thought the top quality, closing well done, beautiful color and sufficient to give greater satisfaction.
    I think the product should have worked the zipper closure underneath and even increase confiaça arrest based on what I think just looking weak.
    I suggest that if you buy, think also purchase external battery for your phone, which greatly decreases your concern about GPS.
  • would be perfect if the mounting holder was safe

    posted by Sebastiaan_Smit

    The bag itself is of good quality. It is filled with bars of foam. If you want you can remove them, but I think they should be left in the bag to protect your telephone from shocks. You can leave the zipper a bit open to have acces to the headphone or USB socket. In that case make sure that your valuable phone doesn't slip out of the bag.
    The touch screen is accessible through the protective plastic window. Of course the touch screen is more accurate without a protective plastic cover over it.
    It's a good mounting holder for your money. Just make sure that you glue the bag and the holder together.
  • Doesn't fit Samsung Galaxy S2

    posted by Sturmreiter

    Nice Price.Seems to be manufactured well enough to do the job. Too bad I just can't say anything more due to lack of experience. At leas I can say that the capacitive touch display works well through the cover.
    At this price I do not really complain, I just want to let others know.My HTC Desire HD does fit tightly.
    Nice try. But not every experiments works out the desired way. So what? Sometimes you lose, sometimes the others win. Everybody has experienced and survied that before.I will order at DX again.
  • We use it for samsung galaxy S2

    posted by bouwman8171

    Perfect usage for mobile phones similar to samsung galaxy S2. Helps protect your mobile phone against rain and mud.Fit's perfectly.Very firm on the bike.It even works when my phone is in the bag. reacts to my finger true the plastic.
    After putting glue between the both of them, there's no problem anymore.I bought a second one for my girlfriend.
    Perfect object. Makes biking more fun when you can use your smartphone as well.


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