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This is our best bike set, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

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  • Max

    posted by djkosmos1998

    Looks good and works fine, I'm happy with the purchase
    cable suitable for using as a replacement brake cable. I fitted this to an older 10 speed road bike and its working nicely. The inner wires came with both sorts of connector, so you snip the wrong end off. Also these have an inner lining of grey plastic, which should help their longevity. You'll need pliers to cut the housings, and a file and pokey thing to open up and smooth off the ends. I used a screw, which got well wedged into the ends. That proves its spiral wound.
    Perfect for home repair bike
  • Great buy! Very Nice!

    posted by ZanuttoVV

    WYSIWYG. Great details, very well painted, really beautiful to decor your living room, working desk etc. I've bought as a gift to my mother and she loved it.
    DX should think about packing it better since it's a fragile item and very beautiful gift that can be easily ruined by air mail companies.
    If you like what you're seeing, you'll be surprised when you receive it. It's really beautiful. Great buy and I'm thinking to buy another for my clinic.
  • Good Quality Cable wires and guides

    posted by Leperous1

    Good amount of cable housingWell constructed cables.lots of spacers and end caps included (plastic)Easy to cut to desired lengtha lot more in this package than posted in picture
    More color options.
    This is a steal of a deal if you are looking for a COMPLETE cable replacement package. there is more than enough cable, cable housing, spacers, and end caps to replace your cables on your bicycle. My only concern was it would be nice to have some extra metal cable housing caps, rather than the plastic ones included.
  • Not perfect, but still the best value.

    posted by adept1

    The Magicshine MJ-808E is bright.The build quality is mostly very good.The battery pack mounted to my frame very nicely and stayed put.It looks like a quality product.The colored LED to indicate remaining battery capacity is nice, and also allows you to still see your bike when the light is turned off.
    I'm going to devise a better mount for it to make it so it stays put during bumpy riding.Some vendors in USA sell this light with a 4-mode configuration L-M-H with the strobe mode hidden. I wish DX's was configured this way too. But to me fair, those vendors charge considering more for what's almost the same product.
    Even with the flaws I pointed out, I think it's still a good light and a great value. I would buy it again.
  • Cheap knockoff - in a good way!!!

    posted by orandaswen

    We all know these are clones of a famous bike light... the cost of which has always put me off. These lights form DX are priced just right for me and do the job well. I have two whites and a red strapped to my helmet - the lightweight nature means I don't notice a thing although am very noticiable on the road.
    buy some CR2032 from DX - cheaper than chips
    hard to say no at this price.

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