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  • Great price for quality

    posted by nickmarian

    It will take up to five hours to fully reload. See the led turn green on the loader en the pushbutton will illuminate green.On full power about 1,5 hours of light when battery ishalf full pushbutton will illuminate yellow when it turns red it's time to reload.Easy to mount on your bike
    It's a really easy to use and easy to install device where you won't regret that you bought it.It would be great if multiple adapters where added in the box for other country electrical outlet.
    Overall a good product for a fair price
  • Good light, but not 200 lumens

    posted by naughtybreath

    Battery block separated from light module
    Normal beam
    A small lateral illumination
    Uses AA batteries
    Build quality is very good, it has rubber spacers.
    After 3 hours of countinuos work at full power radiator inside light module was very hot.
    Looks like really waterproof.
    I use this light for ride from work to home, and it solves well this problem.
    I think, it may be used like DIY-part because build quality is very good, and it's waterproof, but diod cooling is not very good.
  • Strong beam of light

    posted by ltuuri

    Compact and lightweight for such a strong, powerful light. Good for bicycling, you can really see far away. Not too many modes makes it faster to choose the right one. Solid build quality.
    Form of the light beam is longish: very good for driving. For a general purpose headlamp for camping, cooking etc. I would still use my old headlamp with much less power but broader shape of the light beam
    Great buy, good price/
  • Bright and versatile light

    posted by jlindbergh

    Very bright light! The four brightness settings makes it useful in different conditions, also it's very easy to change the brightness up/down using the simple buttons. The O-rings makes it easy to mount on different handlebars.The color coded battery level indicator is a big plus.
    I'd recommend you also get the head strap to be able to make it into a very powerful headlamp for use while running/skiing/orienteering etc. at night! (I actually thought that was included)Perhaps you'll also need the extension cord to be able to put the battery exactly where you want it. The cord as delivered is approximately 40cm.
    Surprisingly bright and versatile lamp (especially if you get the head strap)
  • Not perfect but close to

    posted by lmelnikov

    A lot brighter than the bike lights from the local store I have seen before. It makes a road and obstacles more visible not only in darkness but under streetlights too. Lightens up a road in front of a bike in front of me. Very long battery life: riding at night not too often, I charge it only 2 times a year. The battery indicator is very convent: changes color at 100%--80%--50%--20% charge remaining. The LED unit is very lightweight thanks to separating from a battery compartment, and because of this, it does not need a bulky mount to hold it securely enough: it stays in place even on high bumps or at a high speed.
    Water drops leave traces on the lens, so it needs cleaning sometimes -- even not so well seen drops lower the brightness noticeably.
    This light was not cheap but it worth the money!


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