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You will be surprised our best bike light set with an artful design and an amazing price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. bike light holder or waterproof bike light contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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bike light set Customers Reviews

  • Very Good lamps

    posted by outrojuliano

    All you need to give more visibility to your bike, enhancing safety.
    The front part is highly potent, and has various functions, the most interesting rapid flashing, thereby increasing the visibility.
    The back part has more functions, which also help others see you.
    The LEDs are high brightness, and can illuminate very well.
    Tudo o que você precisa para dar maior visibilidade à sua bicicleta, aumentando a segurança.
    A peça da dianteira é bem potente, e possui várias funções, sendo a mais interessante a que pisca rápido, aumentando assim a visibilidade.
    A peça traseira possui mais funções, que também ajudam a outras pessoas a te verem.
    Os leds são de alto brilho, e conseguem iluminar muito bem.
    Even with the glitch presented, I consider a good pair of bicycle lamps. It even comes with brackets to fit under the seat and handlebars.
    The front piece uses four AAA batteries and two AAA rear part. Durability is very large, because the LEDs do not consume as much battery.
    Mesmo com o pequeno defeito apresentado, eu considero um bom par de lampadas para bicicleta. Ele vem inclusive com os suportes para encaixar embaixo do banco e no guidão.
    A peça dianteira utiliza 4 pilhas AAA, e na peça traseira duas AAA. A durabilidade é muito grande, pois os leds não consomem tanta bateria.
    For the price it pays a lot. I recommend to all who seek to improve safety when they are riding a bike.
    Pelo preço, compensa muito. Recomendo a todos que procuram melhorar a segurança quando estão andando de bike.
  • Nice light

    posted by OddFellow

    Very bright light. With a very long reaching beam.
    When the light is pluged in the battery in off for some time, I cant get it back on again, I have to take out the contact and plug it back in again to get it on. But it can just be some manufacture error on mine.The shod be a clamp instead of a o.ring, for easy on/off mount.
    Nice price light. but some design weakness on the clamp.
  • Great value light

    posted by th3pr4wn

    I was sceptical of the quality of this light given its very low price and high power claims but was convinced by other reviews.It is indeed a very powerful light with a strong centre beam and good spill/spread for road use. It claims 900 lumen on full and has a low power setting which is supposed to be 200 lumens and is still probably plenty for most road riding. The third mode is flashing at full power and is wquite strong.The case looks well made, machining and anodising of the alumininium are good quality. I opened up the light and it is neat and clean inside. The light gets warm when on full power but not what I would consider hot and when riding with airflow it would barely even be warm. Battery seems soldily packed and wrapped.
    Some people think that using rubber bands or o-rings is not a good way to mount the light. I think it is great, its nice and easy to put on and take off, it doesn't take up much room or mark the handlebars.
    I'll be buying another one for a friend. Great light at this price.
  • Very cool

    posted by WildBoarKing

    Very easy to install. Mounts easily on all parts of the bicycle, be it the handle bar, seat post, or even the hubs
    The RGB function is very cool and differentiates my bicycle from others
    Very light
    Does not break off or fall off my bike as its very tightly secured.
    Could be even cooler with more colours!
    Light and Cool
  • Grat Lamp!!

    posted by Chuleh

    It is an affordable lamp for bike. I used it in my mountains riding and it works fine!!! The battery fits perfectly to the frame and it has a little strap to fit the cable. The elatics straps for the handlebar are ok.
    It the ridings are at night, I'd recommend to wear two on the bike: one on the handlebar an another on the head.
    One of my friends wants one also. So, I'd buy another one in brief.


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