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bike light battery pack

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bike light battery pack Customers Reviews

  • Good Hi-Beam bike light

    posted by 11bass

    Powerful cycle light. Beam is enough for fast running in night time, even lo-mode is enough for speed about 20-30 km/h (10-20 mph) quite long-life battery in good waterproof metal case and easy mounting tissue case give possibility for rainy night trips. Enough informative 4 colour button. (blue - full voltage, green - normal voltage, yellow - half voltage, Red - low voltage). Charger with charging indication. Every work morning run till university 20 min by cycle with light, most road in use low-mode, some places in use full-mode, battery charging ones per week, in cold times (-15 -20C) twice per week
    In all time of use for me was enough illumination on road by this light.
    Most powerful cycle light what i'm ever use.
  • Good Battery

    posted by flunk2003

    Very good battery. Allows for several hours of high energy light beam. I use it in combination with a CREE XML XM-L T6 1600L LED for mountainbiking. Perfect match. Comes with a handy battery holder to fix the battery to a bicycle frame
    First shipment got lost in mail, but DX has sent me another light. Thank you DX, very good costumer services!
    Good replacement battery for this price.
  • Great value

    posted by Darrenm

    Exceptionally bright light. Has a fairly narrowly beam which many others have commented on. I have only used in on my bike at night a couple of time, but it is actually quite good for commuting, with a solid amount of spill. Using it on for genuine offroad mountain-biking however it puts too much light in one spot so the rest of your vision will suffer - so a MCE/P7 type emitter would be better for that.
    Almost half the price of the venerable Magicshines (which themselves are/were awesome!)
    The Med mode is more like a low - which I actually REALLY like.
    As a headlamp, this thing rocks (great throw and genuine low mode make it awesome).
    As a bikelight it is good for commuting.
    This thing throws as well or better than an XML based C8 that I have (which people who know more than I do rate very well i.e. flashpilot). I actually like the green backlight for the button too - just unplug the light when you don't want it on.
    For $43, this thing is awesome. Bright, throwy XML, 4-cell battery, charger, headlamp/straps - this thing is a bargain. Only way to improve it would be a nicer water resistant rubberised battery package like the magicshines, but at half the price I am not complaining.
  • not completely compatible with 172326

    posted by woger68

    nice qualitycheap
    I bought this battery pack together with the Singfire SF-90 bike light (SingFire SF-90 Cree XM-L T6 4-Mode 1000lm White Bicycle Headlamp - Silver + Grey (4 x 18650) ) as a backup battery for longer rides. The connection type is a little bit different so the connection functions well but isn't waterproof. As far as I can see it is exactly the same battery and pouch which was delivered with the singfire bikelight.
    Great battery pack for a nice price, but not waterproof compatible with the Singfire bikelight.
  • Great gadget for reasonable price

    posted by stemberam

    Reasonable priceWeather proofVery bright lightFirm attachment to bikeThree operating modesEasy to recharge
    I have been using this gadget every day all the winter. I go to the work and back on bicycle equipped with this lamp. It works well, now I feel myself safe even in dark road without any public lighting. It works great even in freezing nights, in rain, fog or in snowing. Recharging is easy, the LED on the charger changes color from red to green if fully charged. Attachment of the lamp and the battery is easy (one screw for lamp, Velcro strip for the battery) but firm. I did not mention any problem with attachment till today.
    I can recommend this lamp for every night biker.

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