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  • Nice Light

    posted by starush

    + 4 grades of brightness. Most of time I used low (15%) in the city and sometimes 50% of brightness.+ Soft bright light, with brighter center, but not "sharp narrow beam in the center and darker sides"+ When connect to a battery and when switch it off, it blinks (up to ten times) to show actual voltage of the battery.+ Separate button for strobe. Works from any state. Very good to use when crossroad approaching, even daytime.+ When voltage of battery really low, the color of switching button changes from green to blue. It means "you have 10-20 minutes to change the battery before it switch off" + Convenient mount with silicone rings+ Small size, lightweight and cool looking with fluorescent silicon elements.
    + I wish if it has additional less bright strobe mode.+ It could be nice to have additional brightness mode between 15% and 50%. For example, 35%.+ I would like to not blind the oncoming drivers, so it could be very useful to form the beam.
    It's very good light for that price. This SKU comes without battery pack and charger, so you able to choose it on you own opinion. I would recommend it to buy.
  • Very bright light for bike

    posted by hifist

    - Very bright light- Water resistant- Batteries rechargeable (charger with US-plug included)
    Buyer should think, if "normal" flashlight with CREE LED is better; no external batteries, and can be used easier in other places than just with bike.
    Excellent light, if just figuring out how to put the batteries in own bike.
  • Great value light

    posted by th3pr4wn

    I was sceptical of the quality of this light given its very low price and high power claims but was convinced by other reviews.It is indeed a very powerful light with a strong centre beam and good spill/spread for road use. It claims 900 lumen on full and has a low power setting which is supposed to be 200 lumens and is still probably plenty for most road riding. The third mode is flashing at full power and is wquite strong.The case looks well made, machining and anodising of the alumininium are good quality. I opened up the light and it is neat and clean inside. The light gets warm when on full power but not what I would consider hot and when riding with airflow it would barely even be warm. Battery seems soldily packed and wrapped.
    Some people think that using rubber bands or o-rings is not a good way to mount the light. I think it is great, its nice and easy to put on and take off, it doesn't take up much room or mark the handlebars.
    I'll be buying another one for a friend. Great light at this price.
  • Great and extreme bright light

    posted by xoun

    Very durable headlight, never seen a headlight this bright, comes with headband and straps for bike, very usable for cycling. Has a warming for when battery is low (green LED on back turns red. Battery drainage is acceptable (about 3 hours use on a charge)
    Order a US -> EURO plug on the side. Perfect for cycling and also as a miner's light with the supplied headstrap
    It isnt cheap for a bikelight, but its worth it. Normally you would pay at least 3 times as much for a light of this quality.
  • B60 Waterproof Cree XM-L T6 1000LM 3-Mode White LE

    posted by Merman2011

    Flashlight, purchased for spearfishing as it is waterproof, very bright, powerful and wide beam of light 900 lumens, light weight, ease of use. Three modes of operation High> Low> Fast Strobe. The connection wires between the battery and flashlight tightly, a waterproof rubber seal. Works 3:00 at maximum power, it is checked. This button on the lamp operates in water and is illuminated after you connect the battery, it is very convenient for switching. Tested in water at a depth of 3 meters.
    If possible, provide a rigid attachment of the lamp to the other surfaces (bike handlebars, helmet, rifle Scuba)
    I recommend an underwater hunter, a very low price for good quality.


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