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  • a cheap set for a bike

    posted by directman

    1) bought this set solely because of the rear lights, which in principle is the best there is in this set
    2) The front light can be used only as a gauge, the light from the almost non-existent
    3) in the light of joy just blinking flashlight mode, which allows you to identify yourself on the road
    4) in the presence of a rear lamp ??????? 5 modes of operation: just burn, all LEDs blink once, blink poperemenke 5 different ways) to work on before ispollzuetsya akuumulyatora 3 AAA, 2 AA akuumulyatora ago. Perhaps when using alkaline batteries, the brightness of the front light will be more, but not so as to use it as a front light to ride. 6) two 800 mah AAA batteries for the rear light enough for about a week normal use, that is a good indicator. 7) once removed a bicycle (a flight through the steering wheel), in rezultate taillights got a good shot and otletela red cap, a lamp was in the puddle, after I assembled it, did not want to be included. After 5 minutes, apparently dried up and running.
    best rear light
  • Good, with quality

    posted by dansouza

    - The size is awesome- Well built- Good colors- Fits all my stuff- Fits well my cell phone- I can put my wallet, bank cards- Fits well my driver license- Some candies to eat during bike ride- Fits good on my bike- Price is awesome- Stay fixed on the bike, does not fall- 3 points to fix on the bike, this is totally awesome and good
    - Price is awesome- Stripes to fix on the bike are very nice- Fits good on my bike- Does not affect the way I ride my bike
    - Price is awesome- I should buy more to sail in Brazil- Fits good on my bike
  • Back part works great on my bike. Front part doesn't fit

    posted by dxJono

    Installed it on my Mountain Bike. The Back part connects to my saddle quick release. Didn't take long to install and it's been on my bike for several months now and it works great in the rain. Really handy and good to have. Specially for the price it's good value.
    Construction quality of the plastic isn't awesome, but it's good enough.
    For the price you probably can't go wrong. And since I find I get more water splashed up from the back wheel (which the guard now stops) things are okay for me.
  • Just a good bag

    posted by Noskow

    • strong enough• big enough for placing on the bike's front-tube (it can carry a bottle of water, keys, mobile phone, wallet, sunglasses and still have a free space)• adjustable belt• I can use it like a small shoulder or waist bag• Quality of the manufacture and material is really good• Lots of pockets• Perfect colour
    • The terrible smell for the first two or three days :) But now it's ok with it
    Good and nice looking bag
  • Good purchase

    posted by Thorspb

    Good workmanship. Very low price. ease of use. On view are made soundly.Rotation without jerks, no backlash.They look beautiful and fashionable.
    nice color and bearing requires no adjustment.If you want to build a good wheel, this is a great choice.I use these hubs for jumping and travel on forest roads. I think that the quality of their production can trust.
    Very good buy for this money. I have advised all my friends to buy the same.

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