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This is our best bike cage, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

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  • Awesome

    posted by Cossack009

    -Very cheap-Very useable-Good condition-Awesome-VERY lightIf you are looking for a GOOD cheap watter bottle cage, buy this one! I really love it, you also get 2 of those instead of 1, get it now!Order now if u need (:
    This is defintely worth of buying! if you need bottle cages, buy this one, you really save money and also get 2 instead of 1, is that not great?
    Need bottle cage, buy this one and you will save money and get 2 instead of 1, get it now ! :D
  • GOOD bottle to practise your favorite sport

    posted by Jullianno

    It´s a good product that worths the price. It suit excellent the plastic bottle. Easy to install (if there is a pair of screw).Cheaper , lighter and it takes about 1 month to be delivered. Nice deal.
    Very good bottle. I recommend Cheap bicycle water bottle holder cage. You can trust in your tacking as much as you can.
    Cheaper, good quality and it´s worth, Value for Your money.
  • Great deal

    posted by fightnut

    You just can't beat the deal! Cheap, lightweight, simple, effective.
    It's a water bottle cage, how much can I say about it?
    There are name brand versions that sell in bike shops for $18 that are identical. This is a no-brainer, if you need water bottle cages, get these. Heck, buy two sets so you have extras to loan out.
  • Only for small bottles

    posted by SSica

    It is a plastic holder which appears to be very good and has various colors. I believe that will not break very easy because it is firm but not yet used, let's see if can handle the mountain bike trails.
    nothing else
    This bracket serves only for small bottles.
  • Great bottle holder for a bike

    posted by AllgoodnameRgon

    This is a great bottle holder at a ridiculously low price. The bottle holder looks good and is easy to install. It took me about 2 minutes to remove my old bottle holder and replace it with this one.It will hold normal sized bottles that you can buy in bike stores or on DX, and also it will hold the normal 591ml Gatorade bottle. My other bottle holder couldn't (the Gatorade bottle would fall off as soon as I hit any kind of bump but it didn't hold it strongly enough).
    Some people say that plastic isn't strong enough for bicycle accessories, and it might be true if you do mountain biking, but for road biking I actually prefer plastic to aluminum because it is lighter.Comparable items sell for at least 3 times as much in stores in Canada.
    I love it. I'll probably get another one as my bike has 2 places to install bottle holders. Maybe I'll get a different color for the 2nd :)

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