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bicycle wheel led

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bicycle wheel led Customers Reviews

  • Great brightness

    posted by avianarios

    It has a great brightness that can be seen far away. It makes cool images at your wheel that makes pedestrian impressed. It only starts when movement is detected. It has some screws to avoid be stolen.
    Besides a movement detector, it should has a light detector so it starts only at night
    If you are worried about your security at night, this is a must have light. You are fully visible far away
  • Easily removed

    posted by Shion3072

    These clip on and off easily which is great if you lock your bike and worry about things getting stolen. Lightweight and flexible they can also be put anywhere like hung on your backpack or wave them round at a party or something.Quality was decent 4 out of 4 I bought worked fine.
    These have a single led in the base which shines up along a spring, not super bright when your under street lighting but really show up in darker areas, enough that I've already gotten a few comments.
    Cheap and fun a great alternative to more expensive and permanent wheel lighting systems. As a cyclist you are much more visible from the side.
  • two tire lamps is better than one

    posted by mnalis

    It's cheaper than two pieces of sku.234513. And it's nice light for the bicycle tire. The color is not ideal for me, but hey. you also get the adapters for french valve found on bycles (so you can mount it there in addition to default schrader valve as on car tires)
    it would be nice it you could get them in yellow or orange (or even plain white color) - as it happens, that are only allowed colors for side reflectors/lights.
    if you don't care about color, this is probably the cheapest variant on DX.
  • Nice Spokelight

    posted by drave

    Very Bright, Looks very cool, Easy to use, Different Pictures. Car drivers wont drive you to death.
    15$ is very cheap. If u compare it to monkey light.
    Think about buying a second one. Everybody will look at you until german police will arrest you for that light.
  • Outrage gadgets

    posted by Mikiezzz

    In the Netherlands we bicycle a lot, even on places without good streetlight. Safety will be improved, beside that it seems to be a cool gadget! I choose the color bleu, just cause i like that colour. The time before receiving took a bit longer than i thought, but it came!
    Beware of thye color, the bleu i choosed where nice to see but not smart, the federal police also usus this color in the Netherlands. Just a few minutes after driving with them i was asked to stop by them, i was usung their colours, hmmmf.So be thinkfull about the color!Make an on and off switch on it so you also can put it out.
    Very nice and innovative gadget, must be get standart on each bike.

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