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bicycle theft Customers Reviews

  • My motorbike is safety now!

    posted by juanhernandez

    Its an excelent product, Now its true... my motorbike have an ALARM!!! Its excelent, good material, good alarm sound, have 3 sensibility options, comes with a default code, but with manual in several language, you can change the security code, its come with a good package.
    You need a 9v battery, and its very long durable.
    Good product for a bike... now you have an oportunity to protect your bike! The best is the PRICE!!!
  • Good product!

    posted by eacamposa

    This is an excellent product for its low cost. Very últil if you lock a wheel. Currently I bought a similar product, but includes alarm at a much higher cost, considering that this product is of very good material, it is very convenient to buy it for the lowest price.
    if you want a simple product that locks the wheel, is ideal. However, if you're going to leave the bicycle or motorcycle on the street, you need to put another security product, because on the bike for example you can lock the wheel, but it is very easy to be very light lift.
  • Good, but 20 more cm would be great

    posted by imdfl

    Decent quality lock, does what it's supposed to.I like the blue color of the digit lock, not only does it look nice but it also makes it easy to identify the lock when there isn't much light around.
    don't expect this chain to protect you against professional bike thieves. It's very good for preventing the odd passer-by from taking your bike for a ride, but obviously, a thief armed with industrial metal shears will cut through this with no problem.
    If a longer chain doesn't cost much more, the extra length is worth the price.
  • Good security alarm

    posted by sailamaarit

    Loadly enough to be effective anti-theft security alarm. Prevents thefts of bikes, but can also be used as security alarm for example at home door because of high dbs. In principle good alarm. very easy to use. Just put 9A battery in, then key in and turn it to the right direction, to the green area.
    Also, thefts or other criminals can get these broken because the product is plastic otherwise than steel lock alarms
    Easy to use, loadly enough alarm at nice price, but broken ones among these black boxes.
  • Random Combinations on a really handy bike lock

    posted by GraemeJ

    This is made of high quality materials and does the job. If someone really wants to steal your bike, it can be cut with garden clippers with a bit of force, however it will take a bit of struggling.
    Every lock comes with a different combination and you can take the little metal piece with the combination number and put it on your key chain. Great idea!The turning of the numbers feels good, not crappy an chopping but really smooth and makes me feel like its a pretty good quality lock.
    If you need to lock up your bike to provide a bit more protection for it, do it! Bike lovers unite!

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