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bicycle security lock

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bicycle security lock Customers Reviews

  • Good, but 20 more cm would be great

    posted by imdfl

    Decent quality lock, does what it's supposed to.I like the blue color of the digit lock, not only does it look nice but it also makes it easy to identify the lock when there isn't much light around.
    don't expect this chain to protect you against professional bike thieves. It's very good for preventing the odd passer-by from taking your bike for a ride, but obviously, a thief armed with industrial metal shears will cut through this with no problem.
    If a longer chain doesn't cost much more, the extra length is worth the price.
  • Good item

    posted by Sashock33

    First of all , white colour , it is very important if you are nice girl and have white bike ;o) Then , after that - it is lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong , more than one meter , so you can lock together frame and BOTH wheels to the tree :) or two bikes at once , when you ride together with your boy- or girl-friend . Carabiner clip is very useful , you can hold cable on the bike-frame .
    Probably , the price would be a little lower . And what a sense of copper - is it better than steel?..
    Fine accessory.
  • Very Usefull

    posted by gogosumer

    very cheap, very usefull and very comfortable, installation is easy, you need only a star key for screw down. It's sound is enough for hear from far away
    it looks like part of the bike so strangers can not understand that yor bike has an alarmyou can adjust its sensivity
    very usefull item for bike. On my opinion, every bike users must have this alarm. i think this item is enough for security.
  • All purpose lock

    posted by AZigmund

    Excellent value for money. I use it on motorcycle in order to secure helmet or jacket on the motorcycle when I am away. So far I have noticed.- good flexibility- easy to lock and unlock- smooth surface so it does not damage the material- sufficient length
    The numbers are a little bit hard to turn from start 0. From there they turn smooth.
    The lock is very versatile in use and user-friendly. I would recommend the purchase of this item if you need a wire lock that does cost a lot.

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