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bicycle mount Customers Reviews

  • Good product, but hard to fit on the bike

    posted by edrisrain

    The sound is very strong and you can hear it from a distance, the lights are good and can help a driver identify the source of the sound.
    The horn is useful and cheap, get it if you travel during the night and want to make the other traffic participants more aware of your presence when they are not paying attention.
    I'm happy with it though i don't know if I'll use it constantly.
  • Good mount holder for your bicycle

    posted by MatesX

    - Holds your phone tightly- Holds on handlebars very well - doesn't move in any way- Easy to mount- Fits various handlebars sizes
    I was planning to buy a odometer for my bicycle, but I bought this so I can use my HTC Sensation as a cyclo computer/navigation/tracker/music player/whatever.
    Cheap but sufficient bicycle mount holder, holds your phone in position.
  • Does a good job

    posted by daveatdx

    This holds a light on a bike's handlebar nicely. There's a little bit of bounce on rough surfaces, but the light stays where it should be and keeps pointing in the right direction - it's just the beam spreads up and down a bit.
    If you use the inner rubber bars it holds SKU 13095 very nicely. It may work better for you if you put a bit of old inner tube on the handlebars.
    For road use and relatively smooth offroad I'd have no hesitation in recommending this. For really bumpy mountain biking it may be a bit wobbly - mine hasn't caused any problems yet!
  • Excellent mount holder.

    posted by jihra

    Is very good, that the upper part can be rotated 90 degrees. The holder is fixed and is not subject to vibration. It can be attached to a variety of handlebar diameters. On the handlebars holding altogether up well. The flashlight in the bracket holding up well. It's great that the entire bracket with a flashlight can be easily removed from the handlebars. Unfortunately, thieves are everywhere.
    Modify holder so that the closing lever can conclude on all sides.
    For little money to buy a super flashlight holder.
  • a great clamp for almost any kind of camera

    posted by ch35c0

    It is a really sturdy clamp that can handle almost any kind of camera in lots of positions.Once you tighten it it's really difficult for it to turn around in the handlebar or any other place you put it.
    I don't have a gopro yet, so I can't say a thing about the gopro mount, but seems acceptable. I used it for a compact camera and now for my f10 sport camera ( SKU: 223881 ) and it is perfect.
    I think it would be better to have another kind of "camera mount" for it instead of the rotationary one.Overall: it's a great buy

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