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bicycle golden Customers Reviews

  • when you need a golden bicycle bell, this is it

    posted by ndftz2

    nice satisfying ding.. feels more polite than my previous 'ding
    for a gold bell. this works and affixes easily.
    where I live (brisbane, Australia) you get a $50 fine if you do not have a bell.
    for much less than the cost of the fine, i have a cool looking bell with great acoustics.
    i would have preferred an all silver or brushed metal finish bell but now that i've gone the golden path, i need to get other golden accessories for my ride
    get it here if you need it. probably the best bell on DX
  • impressing

    posted by Jackass66

    i thought due to the low price the quality of this headlamp is lower than my magic shine one. however, it is not. it is well built and seems to do its job just fine. I use it as a headlamp attached to my helmet for freeride biking as additional lamp to see where my barlamp doesn't point at. also used it to go running and i was quite surprised that it doesn't really moves. it stays where you put it and doesn't really bother once you get used to it.battery lasted around 5 hours on max. mode for first uses which is more than stated
    i was looking for an extension cable but couldn't find one which fits (the one from magic shine doesn't!) so you need to store the batteries in a bag pack or bag closer to your head. beam is consentrated and narrow and not really bright
    if you are looking for a headlamp at a very reasonable price than go for this one
  • Very bright - Buy it!

    posted by Barrocco

    Very bright light. Build quality is good. Of all 8 head lamps I have, this is my best!
    The head strap is comfortable. You can also buy cheap Li-Po-batteries from RC-shops and use the as power source.
    Just buy it. Hard to find any better for under 100 bucks. You won't regret!
  • Very light Skewers

    posted by BikerMike

    These skewers have a very nice golden Anodized finish.The Front Skewer weighs 30gr. the Rear 34gr. My Mavic Road Wheel Skewers each weigh 30 gr. more!I believe they were actually made for MTB Hubs, the rear thread is approx 5mm longer than usual. But do fit Road Hubs. Later I will shorten the thread.
    I have not ridden on the road with them yet, I am a little sceptical as to if they might open while out riding. It would be a fiasco if they did. I wonder how long the washer will last under the locking lever, I will just have to wait and see.
    They look great, and lightweight. In UK Bike stores one Skewer costs more than these pair, but my guess is also better quality.
  • At this price, more than satisfying, but a few lit

    posted by TheStar

    Product shown corresponds to reality. Packaging in Czech Republic was about 4 weeks. Quality of workmanship is satisfactory, but the price could be even a little smaller. The product is processed surprisingly precise, but a few minor faults there. The lid is specially molded stems and not completely smooth (inside), but on the outside everything is perfect.
    - I would expect a little less price- The quality is beyond expectation-
    So we'll see what will bring the first heat with new handlebars, seatpost and stem.

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