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You can buy cheap bicycle anti from us. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

bicycle anti Customers Reviews

  • Good, but 20 more cm would be great

    posted by imdfl

    Decent quality lock, does what it's supposed to.I like the blue color of the digit lock, not only does it look nice but it also makes it easy to identify the lock when there isn't much light around.
    don't expect this chain to protect you against professional bike thieves. It's very good for preventing the odd passer-by from taking your bike for a ride, but obviously, a thief armed with industrial metal shears will cut through this with no problem.
    If a longer chain doesn't cost much more, the extra length is worth the price.
  • Nice and cheap bicycle lock

    posted by nafikman

    This is made of high quality materials and does the job. If someone really wants to steal your bike, it can be cut with garden clippers with a bit of force, however it will take a bit of struggling. Nice steel inside and soft plastic wripped around
    This has a steel cable, which is a little heavy. So might not be appropriate for high end bikes where you are concerned about weight.
    It's your choice for keeping bike in the garage or in well-secured places like universities.
  • Steady and reliable.

    posted by sn4p101

    Optimal aesthetics, optimal footprint fits the hand very well, with a portion maica and another firm.
    Very beautiful and stylish, very good cost benefit, believe me not regret buying this product.
    A product hard to find for those who need a good handle, this beautiful and quality and very suitable, watering can, do much hanging on it, and I doubt that she will escape, very good for those who practice sport to the extreme.
  • Works, but don't count on it alone!

    posted by KSbiker

    Effective as a visual deterrentWill withstand SOME abuseSeems quite secure with barrel style lockOnly locks one wheel, but buying/using two would be better
    If you put a lock on a wheel, do yourself a favor and put some kind of reminder in plain sight so you remember to remove it before trying to move the bike.
    Bought more than one at the time of purchase, so I could share with friends who ride. Still have at least one more and will use it in some situations. Good product for the price!
  • Really confortable for your hands

    posted by terraqueo

    The quality of these gloves are reasonable for the price, they are elegant, really comfortable, smooth and useful for a bike ride. It comes in a good plastic bag that can be reused.
    Other colors would be great and they should use a universal size.
    For the price and quality it is a good bet. The issues are the real size of them and the time duration according to the usage.

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