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bicycle anti theft Customers Reviews

  • Nice, but kinda short

    posted by Tempest83

    Non standard keys (should be harder to pick) Sturdy U arc.
    I use this in conjunction with another steel cable lock to secure my bike @ the university and around the city. The use of 2 different locks helps to prevent theft here in Brazil.
    Fair Enough
  • Good, but 20 more cm would be great

    posted by imdfl

    Decent quality lock, does what it's supposed to.I like the blue color of the digit lock, not only does it look nice but it also makes it easy to identify the lock when there isn't much light around.
    don't expect this chain to protect you against professional bike thieves. It's very good for preventing the odd passer-by from taking your bike for a ride, but obviously, a thief armed with industrial metal shears will cut through this with no problem.
    If a longer chain doesn't cost much more, the extra length is worth the price.
  • Nice and strong

    posted by FunnyMan88

    I bought one to protect my motocycle and I was little bit pesimist first because of price. But it is good built looks nice and strong so I not worry about. Still works good and looks like new :)
    When you search for something cheap and good quality built here it is. Works still great no problems with product at all. Just buy one and enjoy.
    Good product, nice looking with good quality built and very good price,
  • Cheap & actually useful

    posted by Uberadri

    A really loud vibration activated alarm you can use on your bike, motorcycle
    or anything. Turn key to green and its armed. If you (or a thief) bump it or
    what its mounted to it will sound a loud alarm until you turn the key to red
    to disarm it. It reacts to small vibrations, not movement/acceleration. So
    if you move it really smooth it wont go off. To turn it off without the key
    you would have to smash it or demount it and then unscrew battery
    compartment (the one screw on the back both closes battery compartment and
    mounts the bracket to the alarm).
    * I have not tried to let it sound the alarm till it stops (the sound is
    quite painful), so i don't know how long it lasts (claimed 35 secs).
    * I don't know if it will be broken by rain/water. Probably it will work if
    you let it dry.
    * Where the bracket is mounted to the alarm there is two extra screw holes
    in the mounting bracket. I recommend finding two screws that fit here to
    stop the alarm from spinning around the big screw.
    * I mounted it to the luggage carrier of my bicycle by bending the mounting
    bracket around a bar. It was the only place on my bike with a thin enough
    A cheap and actually very useful alarm. I use it when i ride my bike to the
    shop and park it outside while I'm inside. Much quicker than locking it. It
    seems to survive quite bumpy rides. Although it broke once. But i opened it
    and could see what had happened. The one connector from the lock didn't have
    contact with the circuit board anymore. I soldered it back in place and now
    it works again!
    So the bottomline is: Although it has poor build quality, it works as
    intended, has many uses, is quite useful, is cheap and is not hard to repair
    if you have a soldering iron.
  • Works, but don't count on it alone!

    posted by KSbiker

    Effective as a visual deterrentWill withstand SOME abuseSeems quite secure with barrel style lockOnly locks one wheel, but buying/using two would be better
    If you put a lock on a wheel, do yourself a favor and put some kind of reminder in plain sight so you remember to remove it before trying to move the bike.
    Bought more than one at the time of purchase, so I could share with friends who ride. Still have at least one more and will use it in some situations. Good product for the price!

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