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bicycle alarm Customers Reviews

  • Very Usefull

    posted by gogosumer

    very cheap, very usefull and very comfortable, installation is easy, you need only a star key for screw down. It's sound is enough for hear from far away
    it looks like part of the bike so strangers can not understand that yor bike has an alarmyou can adjust its sensivity
    very usefull item for bike. On my opinion, every bike users must have this alarm. i think this item is enough for security.
  • when you need a golden bicycle bell, this is it

    posted by ndftz2

    nice satisfying ding.. feels more polite than my previous 'ding
    for a gold bell. this works and affixes easily.
    where I live (brisbane, Australia) you get a $50 fine if you do not have a bell.
    for much less than the cost of the fine, i have a cool looking bell with great acoustics.
    i would have preferred an all silver or brushed metal finish bell but now that i've gone the golden path, i need to get other golden accessories for my ride
    get it here if you need it. probably the best bell on DX
  • An ingenious security system

    posted by davidco

    - Really loud and sensitive
    - Lock and key free; all you need is your code.
    Perhaps a short triggering delay would have been necessary.
    Although I have listed several cons, this device is an excellent must-have for all concerned bikers. It works, and it's simple, and has definitely been a positive experience.
  • Works like you'd want.

    posted by fryingwoks

    I taped this to the underside of my pannier rack, and zip-tied the key to one of the rack legs. If I don't feel like locking my bike, or if I'm in a very insecure neighbourhood, or if I am leaving my panniers on my bike, I turn on the alarm.
    When you shake the bike enough, the alarm goes off. It chimes for a while, then stops (unless you continue shaking). But it's not so sensitive that you can't (carefully) pick up the bike and move it, if you know the alarm is armed.
    I'm getting another one. You could probably also use something like this for pranks.

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