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  • Essential for safety

    posted by Joosterman

    - Strong windowsmasher- Good quality- Cuts seatbeltsFew people consider that when you have an accident and get into a river/ canal with your car, the fuse box might blow out and your electric windows might get stuck- leaving you trapped in your car. I bought one for my wife since she drives our son to school, and she passes some 5 rivers on her way to the city. Better safe then sorry, for 5 bucks
    I gues you wouldn't need the seatbelt cutter, as they are designed to work after impact. Then car's fusebox isn't, and it could happen that all electric windows are stuck while the car sinks.
    Buy one. Tooo cheap and essential not to. It's like a fire insurance, but better.
  • Great little tool

    posted by fp128

    This small tool is ideal for the car, if you get in an accident you will be able to get out of the car more easily. You can cut your seat belt and smash the windows easily, something you won't be able to do bare handed
    Everybody should have something like this in the car for safety. Something so small and cheap can still safe your life
    Buy it and pray you will never need it
  • Its a cheap and effective product

    posted by KYP123

    Basically, just press the blue stud at the end against the window to compress a spring in the mechanism. Continue pressing to a point where it sping back and a pointed hammer will hit the glass. I am not sure if the impact will break car window - I wouldn't try it on my car. It cause a pin size ~0.3mm deep dent on my wall when I tried it.
    If the company can make it into a multi tool (with pen knife, saw, scissor etc) - it would be great!!!
    Great buy. Will bring it along everytime I travel.
  • Looks like it is good, but haven't really tried it

    posted by M4RSUP14L

    - Can save your life.- Can be installed permanently in your car.- Seems sturdy ennough to destroy your glass.
    I haven't tried it yet. I do not really want to flood my car just to give it a try, so I am making this review without really having tried the product. I hope it is OK with everyone. If anyone have actually tried it in emergency situation, please do write a more concise review.
    This is a useful tool that I hope to never use, but who can afford not to have one in their car?

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