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  • Great deal and range for the price

    posted by rabbitything

    Good range, Have it hooked up at a side door and reaches the basement on the other side of house.Rubber ring on remote for weather proofing.Remote lights up when button is pressed (easy way for guests/delivery people to know it works)A lot of options for doorbell soundsComes with a sticky pad if unable to screw into the item you are placing the remote on.
    Pretty sure one of the melodies is the route one song from the R/B/Y pokemon gamesneedles to say, I picked that one haha.
    Great price, Great range, easy setup.
  • It's LOUD

    posted by emolfi2

    * Plays lots of known tunes and a classic two tone ring bell. Didn't count all them though.
    * Has three leds, red, green and blue that blink and fade in a nice and cool pattern when activated.
    * The tunes are cycled pressing the first button and volume can be changed in steps with the second button.
    * The transmitter has a red led that lights under the translucent blue plastic cover when the button is pressed.
    * The range seems good enough for use all around the house.
    * It's small and light.
    * The receiver has two shaped holes to fit the head of a screw attached to the wall in two different positions.
    * There is included a piece of double tape to attach the transmitter to a wall if you prefer not to use screws in the back plate holes.
    * The RX uses just two AA batteries and draws 0.5mA @ 3V while iddle.
    * It's so loud that people around got scared when testing it the first time.
    * The leds are mounted in die form in a separate pcb.
    * If you are going to retune them be sure to take a photo of the original position of the adjustable cap (TX) and coil (RX).
    * It's smaller than it looks, which is great.
    * Good value for the price. Half the price of local ones and more functionality for most people.
  • I like it

    posted by cakeslice

    -many different tunes to choose from
    -price is decent for a doorbell
    -comes with adhesive for sticking to wall
    -looks nicer than some of the other doorbells on the site in my opinion (no logo on it)
    -volume is loud enough
    We will see how this holds up in weather, and I'm not how strong the adhesive is that it came with. I like the many tunes I think I will make it a Christmas song in the winter :)
    I like it, I think the many tunes are fun (although I think I'll stick to the regular ringing one for awhile)
  • No complaints, well worth the money!

    posted by mhuomo

    Very easy to install and use.
    Melodies are ok, though simpler the better. But kids dont mind having more options =)
    Works in the winter as well, although this winter has not been so cold, but still over minus 20C many days.. Had the unit (remote button only) out attached to door and have not changed battery yet in 5 months. Makes it easy to carry around e.g. to backyard.
    Seems to be durable. Havent tried how it likes rain as our door is covered.
    fewer melodies could work as well =)
    Hard to find better for the same money!
  • Very decent door bell

    posted by daghtus

    48 melodies is plenty.
    Decent range of the transmitter.
    Reasonable price.
    The question is for how long the transmitter is able to withstand severe weather.
    One needs to purchase two round-to-flat converters (e.g. SKU 3529) to be able to use the receivers in Europe.
    There is no English manual but even my 5-year old son would figure this out.
    This is a nicely-built door bell with two receivers which is a good thing to have if you own a two-storey house or even a house with a basement.


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