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battery usb battery Customers Reviews

  • A low cost charger that work well

    posted by serangoon55

    The Nokia Lumia 820 battery fix exactly into this charger. The chager has an indicator light that change color when the battery is fully charge and stop charging from that point. Build quality is reasonable. I travel a fair bit, this charger work well in countries with difference AC voltages.
    If it could charge faster will be even better.
    A reasonably price charger that work well. After more than a month it has not cause any problem.
  • Kewl

    posted by Robamirault

    I thought I'd give it a shot and found it to be a useful tool. Been in a situation many time where it came in handy. I sometimes work in low signal zones and this can cause the battery to drain faster than usual. This unit has kept my phone operational until I was able to plug it in to charge. The portability factor was important to me as well. The unit hangs there as I use it but better than not being able to use the phone at all.
    Not sorry that I bought it and recommend it to anyone who needs there phone and des not have long enough life out of the battery in their phone.
    Nice little unit for a decent price
  • good price, good product

    posted by Simbad333

    all, good price, good qualityI bought this for my 5800. great price I think, and if you compare prices to original battery this one is much cheaper
    buy it!really good.good price, good qualityyou will not be dissapointedbuy it!
    really good.good price, good qualityyou will not be dissapointedbuy it!
  • 18650 charger and emergency power bank for phones and other gadgets

    posted by Daijus

    It charges 1 to 4 x 18650 battery.It can be used to charge a phone with as little as 1 18650 battery.It has battery indicator for each battery.It has charge indicator for each USB outletIt takes protected and unprotected batteries, so you can use old laptop batteries.If you use unprotected 18650's this device protects the batteries against under- and overcharge.
    Why not make both USB's 2A?
    I love it, great device, never worry about phone battery when this is in your bag!
  • Not so good for the money when compared

    posted by Marvinie

    - You can charge it while in use.
    - Very cheap and holds a decent charge.
    I tested the capacity of mine with a Ultrafire C3 as shown in the uploaded picture. Reed it for the full test, the test shows a capacity of 663 mAh.
    - The stated capacity of 3600 mAh is one of the biggest lies I’ve come across in my life.
    In the battery are 2 separate NiMH batteries and the strongest ones I have ever seen in the world are not stronger than 3000 mAh.
    Cheap or not cheap?
    - For a battery pack it is cheap but not for the capacity of 663 mAh.
    - I can get 2 Eneloop 2000 mAh batteries for $8.

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