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battery trustfire 16340

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battery trustfire 16340 Customers Reviews

  • BEST 16340

    posted by bullzeye

    like others have said highest capacity 16340 , other cheap protected one's only lasted 15 min in sku 2821 but these lasted for 45 min! so three times the capacity of bargin one's. I like the look of the holgram wraper. The protection works fine.
    At three times the capacity of "bargain" ones these are a no brainer for just a little bit more money, as long as they fit what you've got. If they were the right size the capacity would obviosly be less.
    They fit both my lights so they are the only ones I'll be buying from now on.
  • Good flexible charge, a little slow

    posted by regireg

    The build quality is surprisingly good. It works with protected 18650 batteries (easy fit). It works with 18350 batteries (the description does not mention it, but it works just fine!). It is absolutely silent (tested on 220V). It does not get hot while charging. Each slot has individual led indicator of the charging status. You can mix batteries of different types, charge batteries in any combination of slots.
    Not really a cons - never saw packaging and manual with so many spelling errors.
    Overall great flexible charger, definitely recommended.
  • Nice Alternative

    posted by Hypnosis4u2nv

    - Price- Arrived charged with 4.0v- Protected against Overcharging and Shorting- White wrapping
    I was able to charge this up to 4.23v before the PCB kicked in and stopped it from charging further.. Its a great charging point for these batteries..
    I dont really see a difference between these and other TrustFire protected RCR123A's.. I like the white look though and they seem to perform on par with other similar batteries.. I would recommend these for those looking for RCR123A batteries..
  • Solid build, great charger. Could be a tad more universal though.

    posted by rigorka

    Pretty solid casing and nice battery contacts, does not tend to "blink" as many of those cheaper chargers I've tried to date. Doesn't get hot, and charges pretty quickly. 12V power input for charging in car is quite handy as well.
    It's easy to forget to place the charging voltage switch into the correct position before charging.
    Certainly makes sense at this price.
  • Excellent Quality

    posted by thismonster

    I love these 2 packs, for use in all of my lights.Great quality and relatively inexpensive.
    Take care in noting that the voltage is 3.6v and not 3.0 like primaries.
    I have bought lots of these, and will continue to do so.

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