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battery tester Customers Reviews

  • Not too bad 2

    posted by edu1966

    -Do not use any kind of battery to work (uses power from battery under test, of course if the battery is completely dead, nothing will be shown in LCD).
    -Very, very easy to use. No cables, no range settings.
    -Of course it is not a precision instrument but the idea of charging state is enough.
    -As You place the battery this test represent a significant load in the circuit, what is a advantage (when testing batt) if compare to a very high impedance multimeter.
    Buy many and keep then everywhere you use batteries!
    Hope for a second edition with improved quality.
  • It´s ok

    posted by runilagabo

    This is a cheap kind of battery tester. But it does´nt make it a bad choice anyhow. Have been using it on AA, and AAA batterys.Works as it is suppose to, reading is wery clear.One can quick and easily see if there´s power on the battery.
    This is a fine product. Baby one can get a better one, but not at this price....:-)Maby some other time, i´ll by another. It sure does the job.
    If one wants a cheap battery tester, wich works fine, this is pobable the one.
  • Good product

    posted by Guido2008

    It is a very useful tool for the home. When you have many batteries for toys, remote controls, etc. and do not know which are good and which already have to recycle. Good build quality. Measures virtually all formats of batteries, including batteries 9v and button type. It is advisable to have on hand when needed.
    I found it very useful to classify about 50 batteries of all kinds. Once the task is done looks forward to re-use, which is not so common.
    good product
  • Pertty useful if you have a lot of batteris to check

    posted by lpanagis

    Much easier and faster to check batteries than taking out the DMM all the time.
    We have a 2 year old and these days all toys have batteries. I got sick of my wife asking me to check if the batteries are good all the time (women can't use a multimeter, it's like Terra incognita to them) so I bouth this and got me some piece of mind...
    If you have a lot to batteries to check and don't have a multimeter or don't want use one all the time get one of these. For the price you can't beat it!
  • good product

    posted by jeka123

    It's always a dilemma if to through the old batteries or to keep and use in other device. So this Digital Battery Power Level Tester is very usefull tool. Now I can test the used batteries and leave only the good ones. This device is quite accurate and very handy.
    The result is calculated surprisingly very fast.
    Good product, hope that the build quality is good enough to work for couple of years.
    With some minor limitations the tester does exactly what you would expect.
    Worth the money, because it saves money!

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