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  • Excellent

    posted by Olivv

    Great card. Works out of the box for mp3 and radio. Sound quality is good enough for lot of projects.
    I thought I could hack it for integration in another project. The radio chip is commanded by I2C so it was easy, but the “main” chip is not known anywhere on the internet.Buttons are made to be integrated inside a case, quite difficult to press but I cut the PCB to connect others.
    At this price experimentations are easy.If you want to switch radio/mp3 just press and hold center button
  • Great universal charger for many types of batteries

    posted by trojmiasto

    + Well built, very good overall quality.+ Four separate slots for independently charging up o four batteries+ My previous 18650 charger was 2mm too short for SingFire 18650 batteries (they are little bit longer than most of). The batteries fit just right in this charger.+ Three LEDs per slot indicates the status of charging.+ Can be used in car.
    This is my third charger (previously I had *fire) - I think this one will last longer.
    I highly recommend this charger, especially if you have 18650 batteries that are a bit longer than usual - they will fit well in the charger.
  • Works as per seller's description

    posted by Azram

    Comes only with charger and an extra 1300mAH battery. Charges well on my original AHDBT-302 GoPro battery and 1600mAH battery. Pretty fast charging comes with different input (microusb and miniusb) to charge it up.
    No remarks for this section
    Inexpensive (as it comes charger with battery). Not bad for a price.
  • Very good!

    posted by dek3ts

    This is a really nice and clean battery grip for the D7000. Beyond my exceptions, cheap and well made. I would recommend this to all of the D7000 users, you can set a Nikon battery or just regular batteries in it with the extra slide.
    This is perfect for the cheap users who can't effort the real deal battery pack from Nikon. This is also very good, and works perfect! Didn't have any problems with it.
    Recommend this for D7000 users. This is a must have item as photographer. I use this every day.
  • Extremely versatile, great value

    posted by rjluehrs

    - Charges multiple battery chemistries. - Multiple power sources, 120VAC, 220VAC, 12VDC. - Can charge one or two batteries at a time. - Holds many sizes & shapes of batteries. - Sturdy build, durable, attractive design. - Well-respected, reliable brand.
    If you look at all the 18650 or 16340 chargers, they are either (1) tiny, flimsy, light; or (2) designed with cord for everyday use. This is the "workhorse" that you keep at home, that is highly reliable.
    Unless you get the very fancy chargers (for RC batteries) this is the best for several reasons: 1) Great price for what it does. 2) Holds nearly all cylindrical Lithium batteries. 3) Two independent charging channels. 4) Intelligent charging algorithm to not over-charge (damage) your batteries. 5) Sturdy, reliable, dependable for every-day use.


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