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  • Simple and cheap batteryholder. Good for your homebuilt electronics.

    posted by Mickey101

    This is a good compact batteryholder which is great for building into a homebuilt electronics casing. The build quality looks pretty good. The walls are about 1mm while the hatch and mounting plate is about 2mm. So it's fairly sturdy. The wearpoints are the hinges and the lock but since this is not something you open much it should be ok.
    To take out the battery you will need to pull out the clip + wire as well. So make sure there is enough room for the wire inside your case and make sure it can't damage anything. I'd also recommend attaching the wire to the case itself. This to avoid damage to the electronics it's attached to if you accidentally yank on the battery(clip).
    Cheap, sturdy en recommended for home projects.
  • Works Perfectly

    posted by PedroValverdebh

    It works perfectly, with a beautifull desing.
    THe price is good, and for the ones who like to play games but dont like cables, it is perfect and better then buy descartable bateries.
    Pair of batery , charge faster then you use it, and the fact its two, you can use one, then just take the another one when the charge is over. I like the desing behind the batery too.
  • Great travel companion

    posted by AZigmund

    The charger is doing its job:- charging extra battery- charging phone- indicator of charging and battery full- EU plug- the plug is removable for easy package
    It would be nice if the light indicator for charging would switch off after some time.I would suggest strongly that the charger should charge also other devices.
    I would recommend buying the charger if you are traveling and you have problems with time to charge your phone. In the morning you take extra battery with you and in the night you can charge both at the same time.
  • Great cost and benefit

    posted by daviom

    Good build, does what it propose to do, recognized the battery as soon as it was inserted. Buttons works perfectly. The texture combines with the camera's.
    Does what it supposed to do, with a smaller cost in front of the original.
    Worth the order, if you don't want to spent 3x more.
  • Great value

    posted by aquabella

    Small size and footprint of charger unit. Rubber coating adds a quality touch and feel to the Product. Fast charging time. Red and green LED indicates charging state of batteries. So far the batteries seem to perform better and last longer than the original.
    So far the batteries perform well, but I haven't had the chance to test the batteries in Cold temperatures yet. My original GoPro battery degrades to < 30-40 mins usage time in winter conditions, or maybe 10-15 minutes of charging. My first impression of the Fat Cat batteries are much better.
    Highly recommended

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