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  • MJ872 1600 lm front bike light

    posted by JOhnB333

    This is an awesome light with a capital "O". It is a flood light (which is not noted in the advertising material) and the cable comes out the back of the unit, not the front like the other MagicShine products. I have owned two single LED devices (the MJ-808) which are awesome 900 lm spot lights. Pairing the spot (on your head) and the flood (on your bars) is great for night trail riding. Unreservedly recommend this - but it is a flood light, without the distance of the 900 lm MJ-808.
  • great price for a good battery

    posted by arenja63

    -is very cheap for two batteries-original battery was loose in the phone whereas this one fits perfect(very strange but okay)-batteries last more than 9 hours each with moderate to heavy usage which is okay but for this price its great
    Had much lower expectations as €4,50 per battery is a very low price, but these batteries are great. I can finally use my phone again as my old battery was almost depleted. Very satisfied with this purchase.
    If you need batteries for your htc desire, get these ones. They're definetly worth the price and also work pretty good.
  • keep your batteris charged always

    posted by tberraz

    with this device you can always have spare batteries for your wii remote.Easy to use, just plug and play to any usb port.No custom fees in Argentina.
    to solve the problem that had always used batteries in controls and save much time, as I have always lit.
    is recommended for all persons who have a Nintendo Wii, regardless of the number of remote to be.
  • Good single 18650 XML thrower

    posted by BZW22

    Large reflector (54mm) so "throws" well Well builtCame with two batteries not one (see note in 'thoughts' below)Nice finish which appears different shades depending on lighting.Lens is 4mm thick so is unlikely to break in a hurry.Squared off threading.Water proof, tested for 1/2 an hour in about 1m of water and not a single drip got inside the torch.Despite what it looks like in the photos (the hole under LED board) the heat sinking is actually fairly goodGood balance of flood and throw while still being able to light up 10m tall trees 300m away on a clear night (enough to see where trees are but not make out individual branches).Lastly... it looks good.
    The picture shows a 2400mAh Trustfire Flame battery, it did not come with this but instead two blue unprotected Trustfire "2500mAh" batteries. I doubt these batteries come close to what they are quoted as being.Probably the largest single 18650 torch around (20cm). Some 2X18650 torches are shorter then this. Despite this it still feels the right size...not too big, and not too small.
    A well made torch however there are others on this site that I would consider better in curtain fields if you are looking for in particular.It offers very good throw for a single 18650 XML light. Torch is a knock off of a Surefire torch if I remember rightly.
  • Good and quick charging charger.

    posted by DjDale

    The battery charger is very usefull, this way you'll not need to change you battery or search for a socket to plug the phones adapter in.i bought this charger with the 2800mah battery (with case)the battery is quick charged, and with a piece of tape arround the charger and battery, you can put it in your bag pack orso and use it when your phone gets empty.this charger does work with several phones, so if your friends phone gets empty, you can help him too.
    with a piece of tape and a tiewrap, it's a good charger,i bought it in combination with the 2800mah battery & backpanel, wich is a recommended combination!


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