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battery rechargeable power

If you want to purchase battery rechargeable power, this is your best place to buy it. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Customers can also browse sanyo rechargeable batteries or usb rechargeable batteries to find their desired products. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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battery rechargeable power Customers Reviews

  • Is it really useful? Can be!

    posted by swissfab

    I bought this Mico USB Emergency Power battery because I have an HTC smartphone that I have to charge everyday.Sometimes, however, I cannot do so and that is when it is useful to have this battery with me.It isn't too big, and you can charge it with the cable of your mobile phone.It works and the lights on the top indicates if it is loaded or not, what is very useful.
    I do not use it as often as I thought I would, but it helped twice last month.
    Good quality for the price, I would'nt pay more than the 12$ mentionned.
  • Good external battery

    posted by Etor104

    Looks nice, many types of connectors, it works. Not so heavy, I can easily carry it in pocket with me. Stays charged for a very long time.
    Overall useful battery. Both outputs 1A and 2,1A works fine (dont know if the current is real as stated but seems yes).
    I am using it a lot so nice backup solutin for me. Charging my phone and so on... Connectors are OK also and works fine.

    posted by xasis

    The clean & clear design, its real thin, I needed a set of keyboard/mouse with less than 2,5 cms and this fits real goodIt's just plug&playThe touch of the keys on the keyboard are just perfect, I have to get used to the mouse ones, despite the fact that isn't bad.Mouse has the mouse wheel function by using the finger between the Left & Right buttons
    Just perfect for it's prize, a nice-designed product which looks nice.
    Just a great buy, remember not for mac
  • worked out of the box

    posted by pss2010

    Worked with my BT speakers that uses 12 voltssince they didnt have internal batteryshould work with other devicesseems to have enough power to drive the speakers loud and will last many hours of them
    well worth the price and usefulnesscould be better so that you have battery on charge and use at the same time so can use it like a UPSfor outside cameras. without making a external charge circuit
    Get one.. you wont regret it
  • Great in an emergency

    posted by gsr2012

    - Feels very solid. I don't ever see this breaking. - looks nice and discreet. - Small. Easy to pack away. - Very easy operation. - Comes with cable for both charging the battery and charging my phone (same cable - just flip it around).
    The Micro usb cable barely goes into the port on the device. This isn't a bad thing per say, but when I'm used to cables fully inserting I risked breaking it by thinking it wasn't in properly. - USB ports were misaligned but this was easy to fix by unscrewing the retaining ring and realigning them. I don't count this as a con as it was a quick fix and doesn't affect the usability of the battery. - The battery doesn't have a switch. From using other DX batteries I believe it simply 'turns on' when you plug in a cable and 'turns off' when you unplug the cable.
    I bought this as a gift for someone who's not as technical. Very easy to use and I'm pleased with it. I think this would be nearly perfect if it just had a charging light so I knew what the battery was doing! Frustrating to not know if it's dead or if it's even charging.

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