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battery protection Customers Reviews

  • GTL Rechargeable 3.7V 26650

    posted by christianm

    Good quality, good processing. PCB work. Fast delivery. Delivers current up to 8-9 A without problems, then turns off the PCB. The price is low
    For the price they are ok, but unfortunately there is also very little alternative.
    you can buy without hesitation if you are satisfied with the low capacity. The price is cheap and the quality is good
  • Great reliability from Sanyo!

    posted by WiseBuyer

    - Very good capacity- Can handle high current- Nice Pink Colour- Very well wrapped, the protection circuit has one layer of wrap, and there is a second clear wrap for extra protection- Feels very solid and well made
    Sanyo and Panasonic are reliable brands from Japan. Although there's no real way of finding out whether these are genuine cells (there's no brand marking on the labels), they do seem to be of very high quality and I trust them to not explode in my pocket.
    Great batteries if you want something reliable with good quality control and very little variation between different cells. Useful for multi-cell lights.
  • As advertised capacity, very nice batteries.

    posted by spiked2099

    - Capacity tests show advertised mAh rating is legitimate.- Nice quality fit and finish.- They fit in my bike headlight, even with protection circuit.
    First cycle in my Maha Analyzer/Charger showed capacity is > 3200 mAh. Discharge stopped at 3.2 volts. Very high quality cells, they'll give me 4 times the use-time in my bike headlight vs. 3 NiMH AAA cells. Will be using a Trustfire TR-001 for routine charging - a fairly slow process with this high capacity cell, but combination works well. No problem fitting this cell in that charger. Very happy with this purchase!
    Buy them! The high performance and safety factor of the protection circuit make them worth the price premium for headlight/flashlight use, vs. NiMH batteries.
  • Good batterys for a good price

    posted by Lightjunky

    The batteries do what they should do. The build quality seems to be ok, too. They have protection circuits, but still fit in my flashlight (FandyFire 5xCree XM-L T6 4000 lm) The cases in which the batteries are delivered are very helpful, if you take the batteries on a camping trip or something like that.
    I can not verify the battery capacity (2600mAh), but it seems to be ok.
    Good batterys for a good price. If you buy these, you do nothing wrong. :-)The delivery from DX was good. It is normal, that it takes about 2-6 weeks delivery time to gemany.

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