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battery power Customers Reviews

  • Quality replacement battery for Desire HD

    posted by plignatov

    Battery works well, fits perfectly in the battery slot of Desire HD. The charger works and charges both battery and through USB port.
    If you look at the product as a battery + additional charger for no or little money you will be more than happy with this purchase.
    I like the battery - it looks good and fits well in phone. The charger works, however it did not exactly meet all my expectations.
  • Cheap and useful

    posted by dcoric

    Affordable, and great working. Must have in case of emergency. During blackout used to power LED USB lamp.
    Price of this product is lower than price of individual components (where I live), so there is no reason not to buy it.
    Don't expect great quality, but it's more than decent. I use it to power other 5V devices on longer trips
  • Does not include Power Supply

    posted by tz2026

    Huge capacity for the size/weight. For the few things I need to use it with, it doesn't add much size, but they will run a very long time.Can provide a wide range of voltages.Charges reasonably quickly for the capacity, and indication is clear.

    Wide range of adaptors.
    I would rate it higher if it included the AC adapter as pictured here (but not in the accompanying documentation). Even higher if it also had a car adapter. It also doesn't give a range around 18v/750ma so I don't know if my 19.5v laptop adapter would be safe, or if my 16.5v would work.

    The "voltage range" typically will mean, except for 5v (usb) devices, that it will be pack->adapter->device instead of pack->device. I don't know how they could keep it small yet allow finer setting of the voltage, but that is the only real technical complaint I have with it.
    As a USB charger, (if you have an 18v power supply available) I don't think there is any better pack for the money (under $10/1Ah). And the capacity is enough to run things for hours. They should include the recharger.
  • Excellent product!

    posted by davidmezza11

    this case works great it has been really useful for me it charges from a nearly discharged battery to almost 50%, you can use at any charge and doesnt interrupt your normal activities, is light and compact, the design and texture is nice and worksd exactly as adevertised
    it works great, the clip holder could be better.
  • Works like a charm

    posted by HardwareJunkie

    -Large capacity battery for multiple charges-Charge stays in battery pack for a long time-Small enough form factory it can fit in a pocket.-Excellent Build quality
    I was initially worried that this product would appear cheaply constructed, but it turned out not to be the case at all.Used many times to recharge my phone when I neglected to do so the evening before.
    Excellent product. Highly recommended.

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