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battery pack set

Check out the great battery pack set to see if there is any that suits you. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. panasonic battery pack, nikon battery pack may be more suitable for you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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battery pack set Customers Reviews

  • Good and economic product

    posted by sardinita

    Well, I needed batteries for toto... clocks, outdoor lanterns, lanterns for reading... for a lot of things and here in Spain are going to change a watch battery to a store and charge between 3 and 6 euro and seems to me a robbery, so that buy this fabulous pack
    It seems to me, in addition to very cheap, because they are many batteries, therefore another advantage also to take into account and is the convenience of being able to change the battery to a clock, flashlight, etc., your yourself and your home.
    I'll be back to buy them when you need them, without hesitation, come many in package, saving money, a stack knows it put anyone... is simple
  • Good for this price

    posted by tklim

    Very bright, narrow spot, can illuminate objects at the distance of 100m or more.
    Checked the power consumption, absolutely not as declared:High mode: 1,55A x 3V =4,65W (DC-DC efficiency: 78%)Low mode: 0,55A x 2,4V =1,35W (DC-DC efficiency: 61%)So, maximum luminous flux according to datasheet is about 560LM
    quality product for it's price
  • Bright and versatile light

    posted by jlindbergh

    Very bright light! The four brightness settings makes it useful in different conditions, also it's very easy to change the brightness up/down using the simple buttons. The O-rings makes it easy to mount on different handlebars.The color coded battery level indicator is a big plus.
    I'd recommend you also get the head strap to be able to make it into a very powerful headlamp for use while running/skiing/orienteering etc. at night! (I actually thought that was included)Perhaps you'll also need the extension cord to be able to put the battery exactly where you want it. The cord as delivered is approximately 40cm.
    Surprisingly bright and versatile lamp (especially if you get the head strap)
  • Bike light review

    posted by yuksas

    Very bright. Also quite small, which is important for me. Afther 2 hours of use, its still seems as bright as fully charged. Great for my riding at nights. Ppl notice me easily. I can see road well. Nice shiny button to swith modes.
    Superb lighting for your bike. U don't really need anything better.
    Great light, great for riding at nights, great to impress others with strong beam
  • Best order

    posted by srsilva

    Nintendo Wii needs no presentation; the console has been a sales success since it was created. One of the great problems of the original console, in my opinion, is the use of simple alkaline cells to power its controllers, instead of a good battery pack, that can even be recharged. This is exactly where this battery packs enters, once you connect it to the wii controllers, you got a long duration battery, that are easy to recharge.
    Excellent choice, use the wii without this is impossible, in my opinion.
    A must have!

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