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Check out the great battery pack set to see if there is any that suits you. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. panasonic battery pack, nikon battery pack may be more suitable for you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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  • pattereita

    posted by arttu98

    --> Excellent batteries. They are working correctly and they are also very cheap. Here i local store I can buy for the same price around 5 these batteries. Great deal-->Voltage is around 1,6V-->They are not branded but I think they have the same performance and the big battery companies have just different packing and batteries are the same.-->Perfect as replacement for small LED keychain flashlights etcMany batteries and still so cheap
    Very good cells! Buy even if you don't need them reight now - it is handy to have some of them at home
    thanks dx
  • Nice light for bicycling after hours

    posted by azorat50

    The light works well and at full power it throws quite a good light beam on the road.At half power it is OK if the road is fairly predictable (road-bike) but it might be a bit too tame if unexpected obstacles can came at you fast (as in off-road MTB-iking).At half power it proved that the battery provide light for mor than 10 hours. Enough for a night randonnee :-)The light beam is a bit too focussed for my taste/use. A diffuser of some kind placed in front helps.Note: for me, the green-led in the clickity-click switch glows VERY faintly. No big problem for the green led as it just indicates that all is OK.But read below for the red LED that indicates that the battery is about to die on you.
    I use this space to continue my thought on the RED LED warning you of the battery being almost depleted:The light shines nice and bright, the battery is discharging nicely and you pedal at a good clip with good visibility. The battery is finally on its last leg - the light still shines at full power and you keep pedaling at high speed. The red LED might come on to warn you but I never seen it (maybe it is too faint, maybe it does not come on).The - all at a SUDDEN - the battery dies on you. The light goes "poof" and you are now facing complete darkness and the only course of action is to pull the brakes as hard as you can and hope that you are pointing in a safe direction.
    Good light - good price.
  • Best order

    posted by srsilva

    Nintendo Wii needs no presentation; the console has been a sales success since it was created. One of the great problems of the original console, in my opinion, is the use of simple alkaline cells to power its controllers, instead of a good battery pack, that can even be recharged. This is exactly where this battery packs enters, once you connect it to the wii controllers, you got a long duration battery, that are easy to recharge.
    Excellent choice, use the wii without this is impossible, in my opinion.
    A must have!
  • Sensational!!

    posted by Gelucafa

    A flashlight that needs no comment, because it has an intensity of light very efficiently, with a very ergonomic and futuristic design, which makes the bike more modern and dynamic, an essential equipment for a good night ride. Simply Incredible. I recommend with eyes closed.
    A very efficient machine, with high yield and various accessories that make it even easier to use. Very good.
    very good
  • Bright and versatile light

    posted by jlindbergh

    Very bright light! The four brightness settings makes it useful in different conditions, also it's very easy to change the brightness up/down using the simple buttons. The O-rings makes it easy to mount on different handlebars.The color coded battery level indicator is a big plus.
    I'd recommend you also get the head strap to be able to make it into a very powerful headlamp for use while running/skiing/orienteering etc. at night! (I actually thought that was included)Perhaps you'll also need the extension cord to be able to put the battery exactly where you want it. The cord as delivered is approximately 40cm.
    Surprisingly bright and versatile lamp (especially if you get the head strap)


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