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battery pack 4

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase battery pack 4 here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. 7.2v battery pack or mobile battery pack contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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battery pack 4 Customers Reviews

  • Genuine LSD batteries

    posted by UltraMagnus

    These appear to be genuine LSD (Low Self Discharge, unfortunately they won't get you high :D ) batteries. This means like enloops they will hold their charge for far longer than standard nickel metal hydroxide batteries. The amp hour rating also appears to be genuine, lasting longer than similarly rated energiser batteries.
    If you want cheap low self discharge batteries, but these instead of expensive enloops
  • Batteries good quality

    posted by kozokar

    Batteries pretty good quality. Batteries are included with plastic case, it is very convenient to carry. It's an excellent buy. I've been using them on my remotes and they last as long as other batteries that I own from much more prestigious brand. So yeah if you need batteries and want them cheap, buy these you won't regret it. Being used on remotes they've been lasting about 1 to 2 months between charges.
    I have no way to test the power, if they are 1000mAh.Missing information> is or not pre-recharged.
    Come with a plastic case which is useful for storage and protection of batteriesAll in all, excellent battery life for a little money, and with excellent quality and durability of the battery.And the bottom line is that these are one of the best batteries available at this price range and although they're cheaper than the ones toy might find at your local supermarket, they're as good or even better.
  • Great Batteries!

    posted by Spalf

    These are great quality rechargeable batteries. Great for use in all different types of devices. I use them in Camera's, mouse, keyboards all with great usage times. Comes with storage case.
    Get these batteries. Get cheap rechargeables for toys etc, however if you want batteries for higher consumption devices, these will do the job!
    Great batteries. You can't go wrong really.
  • Great light

    posted by hennings

    The light arrived on Friday morning, and Friday night we had the night orienteering championship. That means two hours of running in the forest - i.e mostly outside the trails. The light worked very well. I carried the battery in a Silva belt, and used the head strap SKU 32755. This light is more of a flood light than MJ-808, and with that is an advantage for night orienteering.
    The MJ808 might be the best value, but if you need more light or a wider angle, this is a good choice!
  • Good Battery

    posted by flunk2003

    Very good battery. Allows for several hours of high energy light beam. I use it in combination with a CREE XML XM-L T6 1600L LED for mountainbiking. Perfect match. Comes with a handy battery holder to fix the battery to a bicycle frame
    First shipment got lost in mail, but DX has sent me another light. Thank you DX, very good costumer services!
    Good replacement battery for this price.

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