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battery pack 11.1v Customers Reviews

  • Shipped very fast, well packed, charged

    posted by Pencheff

    Shipping took less than 10 days, the batteries were very well packed, they were also charged at 11.3V which is not exactly the storage voltage but its a pass. The battery itself looks very solid, the cables are strong and the right length.
    Great bang for the buck! Fits well in my Blade SR helicopter
    My order was shipped very fast, well packed, great build quality, includes instructions on the plastic package. Does what is says in the description, its a battery.
  • Stronger than I thought

    posted by ZdenekJi

    This battery has everything you would expect: Heat-shrink tube around it, silicone-insulated wires including the charging ones, compatible charging connector with my E-flite chargers.This battery is only rated 15C, but it doesn't matter since it has higher capacity than the originals in its place giving sufficient permissible current.This battery gave me an additional time boost. I wasn't yet able to measure the exact total time, but from my voltage measurements, I dare publish this estimation:Original "1800mAh": 6:30Other "2200mAh": 10:00This battery: 12:00+ (extrapolated from half discharge).I just soldered a connector appropriate for my helicopter (EC3 female) and glued a loops-side of a Velcro to its side. The battery fits well in my Blade 400.
    A bit blind bet because of the dimensions. Incredible amount of energy inside.
    Double the flight time for only quarter the price of a regular battery.
  • Excellent battery

    posted by ZSimon

    This battery came in storage voltage and out of balance by 0.2V So I discharged it at .3A and recharged over few hours at 0.1A. It is perfectly balanced now and drains accordingly. It is powerful enough to handle my Panavia F3 Tornado Jet for about 3 mins. At the first trial it gets hot. Don't be surprised or upset. Recharge and go.At the 3rd or 4th this battery is equal to my Turnigy.Comes with generic "Deans". :))
    I've purchased 3 2200 mah 25C batteries from DX, the same "brand" will review those as well.
    Buy this if you require a 20C 1500mah.
  • great

    posted by od337

    Great power and small size, special for m4 stock tube, other battery can not install in. The power 1500 mh and current discharger 20c is high recomendable for airsoft electric guns with powerfull upgrades, securely this battery can insert in the related models aeg, m4, ak,m16,m14, and others with small battery container.
    No more
    Very small battery
  • Good, but no Futuba plug

    posted by BugsDanny

    - the battery is fine so far and works how it is meant to (I ordered this for my WFLY WFT09II, and there is enough space in the battery compartment for this pack)
    - reasonable price
    I took the Futuba plug from my existing battery pack, cutted an unneeded plug from the battery back and soldered the Futuba plug to the battery pack, now it works like a charm. Bit still, DX should not advertise this product with a Futuba plug
    I would buy it again


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