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battery ni rechargeable

It's very convenient for you to find the battery ni rechargeable you want at our online shop. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Of course, you can find them from sanyo rechargeable batteries, sony rechargeable battery. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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battery ni rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • long lasting, great quality

    posted by RahzaDream

    -I've never seen 1100mAh AAA's in a retail store-They seem to last a very long time. I bought these to replace the stock batteries inside of a wii remote induction kit-Price is better than any big box store I have seen-Excellent quality, I've charged them dozens of times already!
    They get a little bit hot while charging but I think that might be because of the charger I'm using
    I recommend these batteries highly!
  • Great deal

    posted by karlos1962

    Well madeLooks expensiveHolds charge longer than I expectedVery low discharge rate when not in use tooWeights like a block... and good batteries arent lightweighted so this one is really good.The ones I bought months before are still working perfect with very very few recharges
    Price is a bargain for this quality product.If you plan to buy, do like I did and buy a bunch so you can get even more better prices.Remember to refresh (full discharge/recharge sometimes so it can be great longer)
    If you use 9V batteries like I do you know how much they costs and recycling is a must, so use this rechargeable and you will save a lot of money in a short time
  • good battery

    posted by Virus59

    Bought these batteries 1 year ago, still use to work fine. Long hold a charge.It took more, bought and have no regrets.
    Long hold a charge. I would like to see the same type of battery, but larger capacity.Came to the point of discharge or lay long in stock, or because of the cold during transport. But the charge without any problems to full capacity.
    Quality batteries. Correspond to the stated capacity. Long did not lose energy when not in use.
  • Very Good

    posted by claudiofarmausp

    Very very very cheap! Looks nice! Quality build is ok. Has been working nicely. Comes in a nice case for holding AAA and AA batteries!
    Buy for remotes, clocks and so on! They're cheap, they're rechargable! No more regular batteries! That's history! Functionally I can't really tell the difference between these and the name-brand batteries that came with one of my chargers. It doesn't seem like I have to replace them any quicker.
    BTY 1000mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AAA Batteries (4-Pack)
  • Great multi purpose charger

    posted by focuse24

    Real multi purpose charger, works with all rechargable battery types - as long it fit in it. Alow you to charge one Ni-MH battery same time with Lithium battery in the second chanel - it works indepedent. the indicatore leds works well for all types.
    This charger alow me to poot aside all my old chargers......Now I use a this charger for all my rechargable batteries.
    If you need a multi purpose charger - this one is good option.

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