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battery module Customers Reviews

  • Works like the charm!

    posted by pepesz

    - It's cheap but looks solid. - Works as expected.- So far quiet (without annoying buzzing).- Screw terminals for wires.
    The adjustment pots are not described on the PCB so little guessing is needed.The coil is not fixed to the board - would be nice to glue it to the PCB.There is no input polarity protection diode so do not swap power cables!Overall quite useful piece of product.
    Definitively worth the money, so buy it if you need one.
  • great little module at low price...

    posted by borsaci06

    build quality is good... works as expected... i bought 2 of these and tied together to charge my 7,4v 2s lipo batteries connected to a 10v solar array... charging led blinks while charging and another led is lit when charging is complete... i connected them to balance plug of the battery...
    great little module at a very competitive price... as i mentioned above, these can be used together as arrays in many hobby and robotic projects...
    highly recomended for anyone who needs a different charging solution like me...
  • Works good.

    posted by Eridanos

    Gives exact time and sends it to the arduino board I use. Comes with a battery. Small form with four mounting holes are great.
    Somewhat hard to start, but when it works it runs great. It has a nice small form factor.
    Just if you want to have a time-stamp in your arduino data sets this is a great piece of electronics.
  • A good replacement real time clock module for the DS1307

    posted by Darkblade48

    An excellent real time clock (RTC) that uses the Maxim DS3231 chip. It comes with temperature sensor so that any drifts in the RTC are corrected for. This is in contrast to the standard Maxim DS1307 that is more commonly used. The temperature correction in time drift is useful for projects where abnormally high/low temperature conditions are present and/or where accurate time is of utmost importance.The price is pretty good too; the DS1307 is usually around 2.50 USD, so for a few dollars more, you can have a much more accurate RTC.
    The RTC was not shipped in an antistatic bag, but was shipped in a normal plastic ziplock bag. A little worrying, since a little bit of ESD would probably have ruined the breakout board. Luckily, it seems to work just fine.There is no special library for the DS3231 chip; any library that works with the DS1307 will work with the DS3231 as well, so that is nice.
    A great RTC to get, for a good price. The price here on DX is much cheaper than if you were to buy it elsewhere. The permanently soldered battery is a bit of an annoyance, but can be remedied easily.
  • Excellent

    posted by Olivv

    Great card. Works out of the box for mp3 and radio. Sound quality is good enough for lot of projects.
    I thought I could hack it for integration in another project. The radio chip is commanded by I2C so it was easy, but the “main” chip is not known anywhere on the internet.Buttons are made to be integrated inside a case, quite difficult to press but I cut the PCB to connect others.
    At this price experimentations are easy.If you want to switch radio/mp3 just press and hold center button


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