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  • Nice rechargeable batteries

    posted by BlueGuerilla

    Nice quality rechargeable batteries. Great price at $3.27 for four rechargeable AAA batteries that should last for awhile.The batteries stay charged for a decent length of time.They have worked well for me in flashlights and in my OneStation portable console.
    I plan on buying a bunch more of these rechargeable batteries to use in all the remotes in the house.
    Good rechargeable batteries that work the way they should. Worth getting some.
  • Very nice batteries

    posted by montinhoman

    Nice batteries. Will last quite a while in my wireless mouse ( this is most of the use I have for these ).
    Have had these for quite a while now and came back to buy some more ;) What I can say, these rechargeable batteries are very usefull to have laying arround!
    Have in mind these are 1.2 volts NI-MH batteries, which is a bit less then the usual alkaline ones ( 1.5 volts ), so, some devices will think you have low batteri when you don't. This is not really a con, as it has to do with the chemistry of the batteries and the device it self.
  • Great deal!

    posted by Tramonte

    - Good price for a AA 1.2V 2300mAh rechargeable battery (in my country it problably cost the double, and thats for 1800mAh only);
    - Nice package;
    - It holds the charge quite well.
    *** In Portuguese: ***
    - É um bom preço para pilhas AA 1.2V 2300mAh recarregáveis (por aqui pilhas de 1800mAh custam pelo menos o dobro);
    - Embalagem boa;
    - Segura bem a carga.
    I've bought it to use with sku.30606 and I wasn't disappointed.
    *** In Portuguese: ***
    Eu comprei para utilizar junto ao sku.30606 e não me decepcionei.
    It's a good buy.
  • Get some and save $$$

    posted by Driver89

    Excellent re-chargeable batteries for the price. I bought 3 sets and use them in various flashlights and lasers and the results are fantastic. Even though they are rated at 1.2V they perform much better than normal 1.5V batteries that cost twice as much, and they can be re-charged!!!
    I would invest in a good charger and buy more AA and AAA cells. You can save loads of $$$ as normal 1.5V batteries cost a bomb!
    Buy some if you use lots of AAA batteries
  • Batteries works well

    posted by eddycanada

    The battery fits into the cordless phone with no problems and it's exactly as shown in the picture and descriptions. No defects.
    it's a good price- if you need cordless phone batteries, DX is great. none right now. The batter is holding the charge pretty well. No complaints just yet. It's a good price- if you need cordless phone batteries, DX is great.
    Buy if you need. You cant go wrong with the price. it's a good price- if you need cordless phone batteries, DX is great.

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