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battery lithium ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • UltraFire WF-188 Rapid Charger

    posted by unrealspeed

    - Very good charger that can charge most Lithium batteries - has two different settings for input mah which is very good so that it does not take forever to load for example 18 650 - two voltage settings for Li-ion and li-po - built-in peak cutout so you do not have to sit and watch when it is full - Excellent mechanism for charging various types of batteries
    - a good multi-charger for those who need to charge different batteries. - great price
    - can recommend this charger
  • I like these UltraFire batterys

    posted by thunder1313

    Very long lasting. They fit my flashlights very well. Protection card at bottom of cell works very well keeps from over charging and low voltage from ruining the cell. Great product well constructed.
    Seems to last as long as the sku 20392 red and black batterys at about $1.25 USD per cell less cost.I have had no problems with any of them so far. Color is a bit drab (grey)but who sees them inside the light anyway. I have used in both of my flashlights for more than one hour on high beam.
    I like these lithium-ion cells very much. I will buy more. I highly recomend these to flashlight users or anyone needing a long lasting battery.
  • Good charger for the price

    posted by hondagourou

    Nice case, slim and efficient.
    Come with a power cord. (look very cheap but i change it with a bettter one)
    The diode show the state of use. (charging and done)
    4.2V end of charge. Don't check the current or charging voltage.
    It may be better but do the job very well.
    Single cell.
    Very good for the price. Match with the cell from the same manifacturer. The led flash to green to show you the charger check the state of charge wile charging.
  • Good 18650

    posted by Bulgina

    Lithium-ion rechargeable battery UltraFire format 18650.Lity-ion batteries (Li-ion) are used in most modern electronic devices, including LED flashlights. They have high energy density, no memory effect, virtually no discharge over time and does not require any special maintenance. Protected batteries are different from the usual ones that are embedded board protection against short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge.
    This protected batteries can be charged not only with a special charger, but also by any battery charger providing voltage 4.2V.
    If you exceed the voltage circuit will automatically shut off the charge.

    posted by SickPuppy

    Nice battery, if it fits your flash light. Fair price.
    These battery's are ok as long as your not planning on using them in a Ultrafire WF-501b flashlight. for this flashlight SKU: 20392 Trustfire battery's are a better choice.
    Good battery if it fits your flashlight.


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