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battery lithium protect 3.7v

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battery lithium protect 3.7v Customers Reviews

  • Very good

    posted by ilyakamb

    Very long lasting. They fit my flashlights very well. Protection card at bottom of cell works very well keeps from over charging and low voltage from ruining the cell. Great product well constructed.
    Seems to last as long as the sku 20392 red and black batterys at about $1.25 USD per cell less cost.I have had no problems with any of them so far. Color is a bit drab (grey)but who sees them inside the light anyway. I have used in both of my flashlights for more than one hour on high beam.
    I bought them to my flashlight (SKU 16179) and they are working great so far (around 1 months already). I use it on irregular basis but never found it not working even after a month staying in the drawer.It's a great deal! Do not buy other cells. They are just great!
  • The best 3000mAh 18650

    posted by Shutterlag

    Excellent power output.Excellent burn time.Seem to be the claimed capacity.Look and feel the part.
    Run longer than any other battery I have tried.Give out more light than any other battery I have tried.Get a fast charger.
    They cost a bit more than other brands, but easily outperform the others, especially Ultrafire.Take about eight hours to charge when totally run down.
  • Nice protected cell

    posted by stefanj

    Great cells that are protected. Useful size (About the same as an AA). Good runtime. Consistent size
    If you have a devise that can handle the higher voltage (remember these charge up to 4.2 volts) then these are great. Even with the protected board they still fit my PEAK LED light- and make it unbearably bright!
    As long as you can keep it straight that these are a LOT more powerful than a standard AA and have a devise that can handle the higher voltage- then these are an incredible bargain.
  • Great batteries for the price

    posted by nginx

    A pair for 9.90 USD is a great deal.Works very well with my Ultrafire KH-T60. So far no problem of PCB tripping due to high current draw.Came in a nice plastic battery case.
    I don't have the tools to measure actual capacity or discharge rates. So there is no way for me to tell if these batteries are as good as the ones with hologram writings (True 2400mah).Battery case was broken on arrival. Not DX's fault.
    Still the best batteries available for $10 a pair. However, I would recommend the Panasonic 18650s if you can afford to pay more.

    posted by SickPuppy

    Nice battery, if it fits your flash light. Fair price.
    These battery's are ok as long as your not planning on using them in a Ultrafire WF-501b flashlight. for this flashlight SKU: 20392 Trustfire battery's are a better choice.
    Good battery if it fits your flashlight.

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