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battery lipo battery Customers Reviews

  • Nice little battery

    posted by Fenki

    I bought three of them for my scrap built park flyers to replace the very old 1000mAh batteries. They give my 25 amps without any problems (24 would be within the spec. But be aware: if always using the LiPo at the maximum rating, it's lifetime will shorten!).
    The batteries came quite well balanced and also keep the balance after some use cycles better than some famous branded batteries I own.
    Even if stated "for 6-CH V3/V4-Series R/C Helicopters" in the product title, it's a great battery for fun- and park-flyers!
  • A great 1200mAh LiPO

    posted by falzuguir

    The battery came in the original Mistery packaging and very well accommodated.An excellent construction battery with a high 1200mAh 20C capacity, very usefull for RC Helis and other vehicles.
    I will try to adapt it on my Double Horse 9116.If it's not possible to use it on my DH, I will adapt on my transmitter.The first balanced charge has work very well with full power
    I recommend it without reservations
  • High quality, low price

    posted by RobertFoek

    The product is cheap. Here the smaller one costs around 15 euros. And this one is a lot cheaper and bigger too.
    The build quality is good, it has a nice finish and feels very solid.
    It has a huge amount of space, way too big for my lipo actually. But for that price...
    I am glad I got one now. The price of the smaller ones made me think if I should buy one or not. This one was way cheaper and does the trick. Now I can safely charge the lipo batteries without having to charge them outside. It's winter, so outside charging is a no-go.
  • weird

    posted by n00kie

    Charges variable batteries. Shows voltage, controlls the circuit before charging.
    But it still worth the price. Such charger costs 100-120$ in my country so i am happy for gaining same item but cheaper.
    Be ready to find yourself an adaptor.
  • Red LiPo Safety bag

    posted by Spatth

    This Fireproof LiPo Lithium Polymer Battery Safety Guard Bag has a very durable velcro, and it is definitely made from very solid material.The big plus is that it is red, so it highlights from the inside can be something dangerous.
    Could have some inner departments, but i dont think any safe bag has it.
    This Fireproof LiPo Lithium Polymer Battery Safety Guard Bag definitely fulfilled what I expected from this product.

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