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  • Overall, a great battery pack but not 8000mAh

    posted by EdFromOhio

    High capacity, works with many of the bike lights sold here, comes with a nylon pouch. Much higher capacity than most 18650 packs.
    No charger is included, so go in knowing that. After an overnight, full charge, tested capacity at a 1 amp draw was 6639mAh. That's much better than the 18650 packs sold here, but still a far cry from what some quality 26650 cells could do.
    Overall, this is a great battery pack. It should yield at least 3 hours on a single-LED light on high, and support multi-LED lights longer than the typical 18650 packs. I expected the capacity to be lower than advertised, but still disappointed that DX shows "Actual Capacity" of the full 8000mAh when it was about 20% lower than that on a fresh pack.
  • Very good portable charger

    posted by vento90

    Good looking Simple to use Four-bar working battery fuel gauge Moderate efficiency of 68% if phone charged to full, better if charged partitially. Very sturdy. Compact size compared to other 2x18650 housings.
    I own several portable batteries and this is clearly the best. This can't fit protected batteries, but this shouldn't be an issue since it has overcharge and overdischarge protection built-in. I'm using SKU: 180030 Panasonic batteries which stores the highest capacity of real 3,4Ah in 18650 casing.
    This little thing can store a lot of energy in small size with quality batteries.
  • item as described,It glows in the dark as expected

    posted by toninoooh

    item as described,It glows in the dark,as expected,standard quality, and reasonable price,fast shipping,good quality,good deal, satisfied customer
    no other thoughts
    item as described,It glows in the dark,,fits in 24mm flashlight as expected,standard quality, and reasonable price,fast shipping,good quality,good deal, satisfied customer
  • Very nice unit

    posted by landau351

    Fits my TrustFire protected batteries. Works as expected. Charges the phone via the standard UDB. I was fortunate to have the Nokia style min-USB cables so can easily recharge the unit at home or work.
    For this price I get nearly 10,000ma battery pack.
    I would recommend this unit but it REALLY need instructions.
  • Serious road light

    posted by threeta

    Super bright on high and strobe. lasts for ages on strobe and dim. Really nice output with very well blended throw and spill. Nicely machined and made light unit.
    prefer the rubber rings on the other p7 lights - thought i'd try this one with the 3 LEDs. I wish dx could post faster to nz.
    Huge light and great bang for your buck. Keep battery dry for long life. Keep safe on the roads and use one of these day and night.

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