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battery led lights Customers Reviews

  • Great value light

    posted by th3pr4wn

    I was sceptical of the quality of this light given its very low price and high power claims but was convinced by other reviews.It is indeed a very powerful light with a strong centre beam and good spill/spread for road use. It claims 900 lumen on full and has a low power setting which is supposed to be 200 lumens and is still probably plenty for most road riding. The third mode is flashing at full power and is wquite strong.The case looks well made, machining and anodising of the alumininium are good quality. I opened up the light and it is neat and clean inside. The light gets warm when on full power but not what I would consider hot and when riding with airflow it would barely even be warm. Battery seems soldily packed and wrapped.
    Some people think that using rubber bands or o-rings is not a good way to mount the light. I think it is great, its nice and easy to put on and take off, it doesn't take up much room or mark the handlebars.
    I'll be buying another one for a friend. Great light at this price.
  • veery good product

    posted by manlofer

    Works very well.Robust cover.Long battery time with a 3 led 4200LM focus. 2 leds endure more tan three hours.
    I will recomend it to my partners and friends.
    Good quality poduct, just you have to check your connector for compatibility.I would like recomend to the seller, the possibility to choose the connector that you need. May be, several products, each one with one kind of connector.
  • Awesome charger!

    posted by FunFrog

    It really prevents my OVERVOLTED and OVERCLOCKED to 1,5Ghz HTC HD2 to discharging when i playing Backstab HD with 100% brightness and connected ICQ through Wi-Fi in background!!! And it charges my phone when screen is locked. Looks like it gives us more power then the regular computer USB port! I`m using 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries (sku.12720) with it. And i think there will be a greater charging results with an 1.5V batteries, but i haven`t much money to buy every day a new pair of batteries.
    Also there is a good quality cable (much better then ones i bought there for $2.32 or something)
    Build Quality of this charger is even better, then on DX photos! It looks almost like genuine belkin or apple products!
    And finally, the font of "EMERGENCY CHARGER" title looks like the font of ER TV Series title, so it`s a big plus for fans like i am.
    Yes, the Data+ and Data- on the USB port are shortened like in original charger! It means that our phones will try to take all power they needed, without any limits.
    If the red led is not lit when phone is connected and charging is enabled, or it lights very dimly then you just need to replace batteries.
    That gadget is absolutely worth the money! For $5.30 you get an USB porrt in your pocket with good data cable (yeah, it can works as usual data cable!).
  • Nice lights

    posted by Siobhain

    Very pretty lights.You can put them anywhere, not limited by access to a power outlet.Great price as always.
    As another reviewer noted, there is a bias in the controller for the red LEDs. When the lights are turned on initially, there is a complex pattern of red, blue, green and yellow/orange. After a few hours this deteriorates to flashing red LEDs, until the unit is switched off and on again.
    Great lights with some very minor issues, well worth buying
  • Work but only that

    posted by lehn85

    + It works as description+ Output USB, which is very popular today. You can easily find a cable to connect to your phone.+ 1 to 4 x 18650 lithium batteries are connected parallel, so that means no need to have all 4 batteries to make it works. I bought 2, and it works fine.+ 2 input for charging your batteries. The one big nokia and mini USB can be charged.+ Quite huge power volume (4x2400mA (typ) = 10000mA 3.7V)
    After get it to work, it works. I think it's good for that price.
    Buy it if you want some emergency charger flexible (can change batteries)

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