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battery holder box Customers Reviews

  • Very handy making 12V batteries with 3X 18650

    posted by lasermanathome

    This is the easy way making 12.6V batteries and the possibility to replace the different cells for recharging (or all at once)
    Do not recharge the batteries with motor running in your car (14.4V) because, per Li Ioncell 4.20V is the max (car batteries deliver about12.6 VDC when the motor is not running)Best use protected cells
    Very usable for people who use LiIonbatteries 18650 and 12V systems
  • Good for e-cig MODs

    posted by LeeoNardo

    It holds 14500 batteries with no problem. The only modification you have to do is to cut half the spring from the "negative" poles. Other way, the batteries will fit very tight in the box.I'm using this boxes to make 2x14500 e-cig MODs and this boxes makes my life easy.
    I wish they could made this boxes for 18650 batteries, that holds more power.
    Good box for e-cig MODs. As the plastic are fragile, you have to be careful when making the MOD. In the other hand, this "con" makes easy to open holes for the MODs, like the atomizer head.
  • Good quality, hard to find case

    posted by Thorn2200

    Holds batteries securely in place, cheap, hard to find product.
    This is a hard to find product(not available at my radioshack or hardware stores), and very cheap at that. I salvaged my 18650 batteries from a laptop, so they didn't have bumps on the positive terminals, which meant I needed spacers to use them with it, but most people shouldn't have that problem.
    If you need a 18650 battery holder, this will probably work just fine for you. The only exception I can think of is really high current applications that need thicker wires.
  • Great product

    posted by ravenlp

    Overall great quality, the plastic fells strong enough. Cover slides into place and it also has a screw hole to secure it. The on/off switch is very useful and it has a very low profile.The batteries fits just right.Wires are about 15cm long.Polarity is well labeled.
    The holder has almost the size of 2 AA batteries side by side plus 2mm on each side and because of the switch it is around 6mm longer.
    Great for the price you pay. Ideal for DIY projects
  • A good case for your battery!

    posted by PsyMonkey

    Seems to have a good quality plastic. It already has a switch. The way you open it good. Long positive and negative wire. The battery stays inside the case so isn't likely to fall like some other holders.
    I do not regreat to buy it.
    If you need a well looked holder for you battery this one is a good one, but you must search for other ones to check if the price difference compensates.


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