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battery holder box

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battery holder box Customers Reviews

  • Ready to use, just add batteries

    posted by SeikkuDX

    Battery holder box with a switch and some 15 cm (6 inch) leads, ready for use in your project. Tested with regular batteries, NiMHs and 10440 Li-Ions, all batteries fit well and have a solid contact.
    Though they advertise it for 3 volts, you can use it with 10440 Li-Ion cells and power up the 5V regulator input for Arduino.I disassembled the switch, drilled the screw holes, and fixed the box to the project with glue and screws. I don't need the switch in this project, it is in software.
    It is robust enough, keeps your batteries under the lid. For a dollar and 40 cents delivered, take it. Or buy a few more. I will.
  • Works great

    posted by Azes

    Just perfect for when I need a quick way to power something then can't have an AC/DC adapter next to it.Batteries fit tight and don't fall out.
    I can suggest this to everyone working with robotics or wireless tech. I am using this on a selfbuilt RF hovercraft and a quadcopter.
    Since Li-ion batteries are getting cheaper this is a great alternative to big and expensive battery packs.
  • Just what I've always wanted

    posted by ecotack

    Most important pro is they DO fit protected cells. I have tried these with sku:20392 no problem.
    There are holes to mount this holder with screws.
    Comes with wires already attached.
    Its cheap and does its job well
    As I said they do fit protected cells and as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't use anything else.
    Should be a simple job to add a balance charge connector if you didn't want to use un-protected cells.
    I bought some holders from a large US component suppler which where a lot more expensive, weren't internally wired (just pcb pins for each cell) and a tight fit for the protected cells. Glad DX has now started selling these, they have been long overdue.
    If you need to make a 3S 18650 battery pack then look no further.
  • Average casing, poor wires

    posted by bacila

    * Batteries kept in place and does not fall off when case is closed.* Case cover lock keeps box closed
    Switch/soldering points cover could be fastened with clips or screws and not melted plastic. After I had to opened case for second time I have replaced wires with something more sensible. Case is working perfectly since.
    If some minor soldering works does not scare you, this is average battery case to have 6V power source.
  • Value for money; with bulk buy

    posted by triggerdealer

    Better quality than depicted in photo. I would have preferred a version that is white in color. finally, my project is looking more complete. Use the DX bulk rate option for best bang-for-bucks! Good quality makes for a lasting durable product which will last a long long time even when in use under hot operating temperature. For example using it in the dessert.
    I Like that the leads are pre-striped. The packaging is also well done.
    value for money.

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