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battery grip Customers Reviews

  • Great grip!

    posted by munir2

    Great grip at a fraction of the cost of the original. The rubberized feel is pretty good and has all the controls of the original grip. It makes holding the camera in portrait mode much easier. Also, this is probably the cheapest price for a BG-E6 grip I've seen online so far.
    I'm quite rough on my equipment but I'd expect this to last me a about a year which is very acceptable for what I paid for it. Not sure if it's the grip or the generic battery (sku 28998), this does not display battery information from either battery when you mix an OEM with the genuine. It shows the same stats on both slots when only one OEM battery is inserted.
    Although this has its good share of cons, it is overall still an excellent grip. If it does break it's still okay because you can get another few and still have change left over. Its definitely a great buy unless you need pro-grade reliability and performance. For everything else this is a must have for every 5D2 shooter!
  • Good inexpensive grip.

    posted by Teemuri

    Compared to the manufacturer's original one, this really holds it's own. Material is very similar in feel (not plastic), although not equally sturdy (when the grip is tightened hard to the body, it kinda squeaks at it's seams). The rubber on the grip is also nice. Button placement is exactly as in the original.
    I was kind of expecting a plastic look-a-like to arrive, but was instead greeted with a surprisingly high quality one!
    Awesome quality for such an inexpensive grip, coming close to the original both in feel and function.
  • Worth it

    posted by nemosvk

    Fits very well my Canon EOS camera. Inside tehre is place for two batteries.On the body are functional buttons,that are very useful,especialy when taking portrait photos.Overall it gives the camera nice square body,so you dont feel any difference in holding the camera.For me its very good,because i have large hands and finally i can grip it securely.Extends photo sessions.
    Easy to install,easy to use,definitely a step forward in camera performance and comfort.
    With this price,its very good product.Hopefully you wont have the half battery signal issue.
  • Good, nice and cheap

    posted by MRiscado

    This battery grip is very good, nice and cheap. The matrial and finish are perfect. It worked perfectly on my Canon 5D MK III. The price of the battery grip is much less than the price of similar products. An excellent purchase.
    This battery grip is compatible with compleamente 5D MK III and works exactly as promised. Just like the grip BGE11, this battery grip booking a place to store the battery compartment cover. This is very good! The controls operate perfectly from the grip. The camera recognizes and shows the charge of the two batteries separately, as expected in the 5D MK III.
    I recommend you also buy a pair of batteries SKU 73101. They are great, cheap and work perfectly.
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!

    posted by ccr1911

    This is not a cheap knockoff. I was able to compare this model to the original Nikon MH-14 and found them to be identical!!!!! The rubber feel, color and texture were identical and it mated with my D600 with no problems.Then I started the D600 up and the battery menu noted that the MH-14 was present and with a 'new' ENEL-15 as well. I paid $76.80 for this item compared to $329.99 that Nikon has as its Manufacturer's Suggested List Price that most dealers seem to be very compliant with in the USA recently.All electronics on this Battery Grip work well with very good feel and function.
    I deem a battery grip as a necessary addition for all photographers. Having the option of using six AA batteries in lieu of the lithium EN-EL15 can come in handy when travelling and recharging the large lithium's are not practical.
    Almost a mandatory need for any D600 owner.

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