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battery grip d5100

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battery grip d5100 Customers Reviews

  • Grip para baterias

    posted by andrefestas9

    Produto com bom acabamento, excelente textura na parte de contato com as mãos
    Produto entregue antes do prazo estipulado, a DX cada vez mais surpreendendo
    no geral o produto tem bom acabamento, atende as especificações, as baterias encaixam muito bem poderiam acrescentar uma forma de fazer a recarga das baterias acoplada
  • Perfect for my needs

    posted by rodceballos

    It works with the original Nikon battery and an extra bought through DX with not problems. Most importantly though, it works wonderfylly with rechargeable and regular batteries. The 6 rechargeables give you a very decent amount of photos - we used it at a wedding to film and got to time different combinations.
    I haven't truly used it while taking photos yet, but did try the vertical shoot button and found it worked well, although the cable inteferes with the external microphone we use to record, and thus can't have both connected at the same time. This shouldn't be a problem though.
    It should be all you need for a whole day of shooting video or photos as long as you carry plenty of rechargable batteries for when both camera batteries run out. Especially if you won't be able to charge the camera batteries on site.
  • Good for non-professionals

    posted by mauricioza

    Very good product, well made, cheap, reasonable quality material
    i´d like to see a dial to fix the exposure because I always use my camera on manual so i have to change the values all the time.
    It´s a good product for beginners but impossible to be used by professionals. Why you don´t have one with the dial like the original one?
  • Good battery grip

    posted by atelenga

    Solid work.Good quality of materials.Useable.Easy to handle.
    It fits really well under the camera without leaving any gaps. Using the camera horizontally the grip is improved with room for all the fingers to wrap around the camera & grip. Works perfect. The vertical shutter release button fells like the original camera button, but the vertical grip is a bit box-like. ?omfortable rubber pad. Easy to read instructions and schemas.
    Very good battery grip. Seems like native part. Best buy practice.
  • Decent one

    posted by bela70

    Product is good and with fair price. Material used is moderate but overall quality is acceptable. When you install it there is no gap between the body and the battery grip. Also you can use one original or decoded battery and second one can be any replacement one.
    Good opportunity to get longer battery life for acceptable price.
    I will recommend this product to everyone who want to have longer battery life.

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