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  • Really Nice !!!!

    posted by gand0lfi

    Faucets that come with LED light are often expensive. And you can't always find one that has LEDs and you like it, so this is the perfect choice.I buyed it to put in the kitchen, it's so amazing that I'd like to turn off the lights while doing the dishes...In fact, I'm buying another one to put in the bathroom sink.
    Real nice, good construction, metal (i thought it would be plastic), with an adapter for inner and outer joins.If you like the idea of a colorful water fountain, you should buy it! (I'm going to buy another !!)
  • Purchased 4- all good

    posted by AlexBarker49

    I purchased 3, and then ordered a 4th. All 3 in the same room at the same time show the same remperature and humidity. And this is verified against my thermostat. I put one in each bedroom to make sure my furnace disctibutes heat around house properly. And for kids comfort.I origionally purchased a similar model from Walmart for triple the price and it always showed inaccuate results.
    Very reasonably priced product. And produces accurate restults. 4/4 times.
    I would recommend this product
  • Good Purchase

    posted by assendino

    - Not spend money with batteries .- Good white light.- Three leds.- Easy movement of the dynamo. Very soft.- Low noise.- Little use dynamo and many hours light.- Always ready for use.
    - I have 2 with 2 leds,but this is better.- Price is very attractive for the product.
    - This light is not toy.- Is not for daily use.- Ideal for camping.- Perfect to keep in the car to change tires with puncture.- It does not use batteries! always ready for use.- Forgets the expenses with new batteries. This light is perfect.
  • Very useful!

    posted by 1luis

    Be ecological!No need to worry more about buying and keeping batteries charged at home, in the car or camping!Cheap;Great for emergenciesthe flashlight is very light;
    Regular brightIt has buttons that appear to be of low quality, but it is not possible to know whether they are in fact, as I did not have problemThe lens positioned in front of one of LED flashlights I bought ( there were 3 in all ) was poorly mounted (is loose), but it don´t messes up the lighting.
    I'm thinking of buying some more
  • Good LED Faucet Taps Filter Light Temperature Sensor

    posted by wslch

    I already bought earlier such tip for the mixer. Not bad some months work, Very beautifully there is it a water with illumination. Easily what water - cold, warm or hot is determined by color of a luminescence. Easily is established on the mixer, beautifully looks.
    The price low, is mounted easily therefore through everyone some months or half a year simply I buy a new tip, and old I throw out.

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