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battery converter Customers Reviews

  • Useful cases if you stock lots of AAA's.

    posted by Arefiev

    - Do their job. That is, they really do convert AAA batteries to AA size.- Very easy to use. Just put your battery into one half and close it with the other. Mind the polarity though.- Don't worry if halves of different cases mix up, they fit together perfectly.
    Good if you stock lots of AAA batteries but few AA's. They are very light and easy to use. I have tested them on my pile of Soshine AAA batteries and they worked perfectly.
    I am glad I have bought these.
  • works perfect

    posted by carlo1967

    - easy to use- works perfect, saves expensive D-cells- the price is very good, less then 2 euro´s for a pack of 2. In the Netherlands you pay over 10 euro for just 1.
    - durability is yet to be unknown, but it looks ok
    - this is the perfect solution is you want to get rid of your expensive D-cells.- i received the shipment within 3 weeks, not bad, especially as the shipping is for free.
  • pefect emergency kit

    posted by balloonguys

    Very handy to have if your a battery short and need to get use something this is perfect,
    Complete set of different sizes with two of each to help out in all situations would be helpful in its own case would be an added bonus
    None, buy it you won't regret it
  • Good product, poor shipping methods

    posted by Alyxxue

    Both negative and positive have a nice large connection. Should work in most devices. Some other models use the AA's negative base, which is too narrow for some devices.
    I purchased 7 packs, which means I should have received 14 units. I only received 7.Not sure how to inform DX and get the rest sent.
    Purchased 14, received 7. Says nothing about the unit, but I'm not happy with DX's shipping methods.
  • Works, but runs hot

    posted by jmerlevede

    (1) Can be used for charging(2) Cheap(3) LED lights work
    Works, but is very inefficient.I own a Nexus 5, which has a battery of 2300 mAh * 3.7V ~ 8500 mWh.I use this device with two pairs of Eneloop batteries, which have a capacity of 4 * 2000 mAh * 1.4 V = 11200 mWh.Using these batteries, I can only charge the Nexus for about 50% - which means that over 60 percent of the energy in the Eneloops goes to waste!You can also feel the device getting very hot.
    Cheap, can be used for charging but is inefficient.

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