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The perfect battery charging here to meet all your needs. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. You can also browse battery charging cradle and rechargeable batteries charge. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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battery charging Customers Reviews

  • Room for improvement of build quality

    posted by JackReemers

    Does exactly what it should do: charge batteries. Very good price.Quite handy if you have more batteries with your Samsung S or S+.
    Must have if one has more than one battery with ones phone. Cheaper than this is hard to find.
    I am quite happy with it.Why must a review contain more than five hundred characters? Does not serve any purpose and makes it only unattractive for others to read it.
  • Great cheap LSD batteries

    posted by blacklung000

    Low self discharge.The reported capacity seems legitimate.Will hold charge for over a year.Prolly better then the (possibly fake) eniloops on DX and just as good as the GP RecycosGret price.
    If you happen to go on holiday to japan you can get legit eniloops for the same price as these.Otherwise get these batteries - they will serve you well. Just make sure you have a decent quality charger so you don't cook them.
    Great batteries, great price, you prolly won't find a similar deal elsewhere.Buy them.
  • Good buy!

    posted by MallKnox

    It´s small and it charges through an USB cable and it has a power switch on the back, so you can keep it connected to your Wii ou TV.
    It charges two controls at a time.
    It charges them quickly!
    You don´t have to use your rechargeble batteries with the Wii remote! So they´re free to use on other apparels. :o)
    The fact that the batteries won´t last for long doesn´t hinder their use, if you always remember to charge them.
    I don´t regret buying it, I think it was good to always have batteries when we want to play on our Wii!
  • Efficient charger

    posted by Igor05

    Delivers the same power as the phones. Charges a battery in less than two hours! The USB works fine, even charges my iPod touch! Seems well built and allow me to charge other batteries for long trips while using my phone freely. Useful if you're gonna travel abroad and don't know how the power outlet is.
    I actually tested it with a voltimetre, and the power is really the same as the phones when connected to the power.
    If you have spare batteries, buy it. Isn't necessary if you don't.
  • works great like the extra charger

    posted by jaboboy

    This works great. Does what it says. Probably more like 2400 mah. Still good though. I like the extra charging bay, you can buy extra batteries and charge them with it and not worry about being wired to the X-box 360. I already charged my other battery with the charge bay. The price is fantastic and shipping is free.
    It will pay for itself in no time. It is white and matches the controller that I have. the charge bay works even with the x-box off, so you can charge anytime.
    I guess in the end I think that it could be built a little better, but it does do the job and you don't have to buy batteries all the time. I would buy this again, you can't go wrong, just get it.

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