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battery charging station Customers Reviews

  • Good product, Simple design

    posted by hsinghnz

    This is a good product which has the ability to charge your S3 and an extra battery. The design is simple and made from a nice sturdy plastic. You can plug in any charger into the back of it and lift the back flap to put in an extra battery. It can only cope with 700mah so be careful when using 2A chargers.
    Good for charging, does what it says.
    I'd recommend it.
  • Works great

    posted by jeffory

    Charges a spare battery well
    Not sure how long it takes but seems like several hours so it may be slower then plugging the actual phone in. I haven't really paid attention though because I simply switch batteries and forget about it.
    Definitely worth buying if you hate leaving your phone on charge, grab sku.132269 if you're looking for an awesome battery.
  • good battery charger for spare phone battery

    posted by remyh

    Does what it sais, charges your phone battery out of handy. You don't have to ceep your phone wired, just swap batterys and leave the empty one in charger. Also it is better for the battery, becouse it will alvays be charged all the way to the maximum. Keeping a spare fulll battery gives you the possiblity to keep using your phone when one battey is empty without having to look for a 230V current source. It has a good color indication led for charging and full
    It came with a battry, this was a pleasant extra, since it was not mentioned in the description, or I overlooked it
    A good thing to have such an extra charger. This way you can always use your cellphone even when your battery is empty and there is no charging possibilities available
  • Efficient charger

    posted by Igor05

    Delivers the same power as the phones. Charges a battery in less than two hours! The USB works fine, even charges my iPod touch! Seems well built and allow me to charge other batteries for long trips while using my phone freely. Useful if you're gonna travel abroad and don't know how the power outlet is.
    I actually tested it with a voltimetre, and the power is really the same as the phones when connected to the power.
    If you have spare batteries, buy it. Isn't necessary if you don't.
  • Works well.

    posted by jaycea

    Great Charger to have especially if you have multiple batteriesHas a USB charging so that you can also charge your phone at the same time.USB charges my phone pretty quickly.
    I like that the charger has a purple LED light while charging and it will turn blue so you know it's finished charging.
    Great value, you can go wrong with this charger.


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