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battery charging adapter

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battery charging adapter Customers Reviews

  • Does the job quite well

    posted by migreis

    Works quite well for something that costed just under 5 €. the battery is very easy to fit on the device. It is also quick to charge the battery.
    It also has a usb plug which is nice. I didn't even see it until a few day ago when i last used it. Its a nice plus...
    If you have a zte and an extra battery you should buy it!
  • Not bad

    posted by ksempel

    Nice all in one if your connector is messed or battery runs out quickly.Value for money is quite good.
    EU and US plug combination is smartly applied.Have also used the dock for other batteries btw by inserting the battery and putting an elastic band over it to keep it in place :p shabby sollution, but it works.
    Good value for money. No regrets 3 months after. Haven't been using it full time so can not say it won't lose charge after long term heavy use, but I may have charged it around a total of 30 times so that should be sufficient to say it works quite well.
  • bom produto

    posted by trankis

    gostei.muito pratico ter 2 baterias e 1 carregador de mesa,o preço e muito atrativo tambem.
    vale a pena,aqui no brasil,este preço nao da pra comprar nem a bateria somente.agora nao fico sem telefone mais,sempre que descarrega a bateria,troco pela que esta carregada,enquanto a a outra carrega.
    a bateria nao tem duraçao igual a original,mas isso e o de menos,quando se tem 2 baterias.
  • Need emergency power? Look here

    posted by echoedwards

    + Very inexpensive+ Charges both battery and a USB device+ Simple to use
    Being able to replace the battery in a pinch is one of the reasons I got a galaxy note and not another phone.
    It's inexpensive. If you know you won't be near a power source for several hours, then a couple of these would be a worthy addition to your travel bag. Far more economical against the retail version.
  • ftw!

    posted by canfb06tr

    Fits to my Wildfire S A510E. It has originaly 1250 mAh battery(20% increase).
    Very easy to use.
    The charger has bright lights so you can see if its charging or charged.
    Red => Charging
    Blue => Charged
    When you get this since you will have two batteries, while you are charging your battery, you can also charge your phone too!
    And its portable.
    Its good that comes with eu adapter.
    Price is fine.
    Its not a big increase, but its good if you dont want to buy one of those big batteries.

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