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battery charger Customers Reviews

  • In one word: Versatility!

    posted by 1994foxmulder

    I was impressed by the amount of functions. It allows you to charge/discharge/balance, store the batteries in a good charge condition...It is built as a smart system. It advices you when you are doing something bad. It also supports Temperature monitoring.I like the included power supply (12v 5Amps) (SUNY brand, seems OK)The pack includes a lot of connector for different batteries/applications/systems.Also allows you to be connected to your car to charge batteries in the field. (also warns you to avoid overdischarging your car battery)I love the blue backlighted LCD screen.Good manual in English.Chemistries supported:Li-ion, Li-po,LiFePo4, NiCd, NiMh, Pb
    It looks very nice, even the smell is good!
    The must have tool for RC hobbist and not hobbists. You can charge almost ALL!
  • Charger to JVC Battery

    posted by bragatrosco

    Battery Charger JVC V823 has a similar finish but looks good little resistance seems Chebar power with ease. It can charge one battery at a time being attached directly to a wall outlet or connecting an external source and can thus be used in a car. It did not come with any instruction manual is necessarily intuitive to use. The best of this product is its price because it is very cheap and it is worth buying it as an alternative to expensive original charger from JVC
    I bought this charger to replace my JVC GZ-MG330HU
  • Best order

    posted by srsilva

    Nintendo Wii needs no presentation; the console has been a sales success since it was created. One of the great problems of the original console, in my opinion, is the use of simple alkaline cells to power its controllers, instead of a good battery pack, that can even be recharged. This is exactly where this battery packs enters, once you connect it to the wii controllers, you got a long duration battery, that are easy to recharge.
    Excellent choice, use the wii without this is impossible, in my opinion.
    A must have!
  • Working as expected. Great product.

    posted by waihung

    Supports many brands and model of 3G modems.Adequate battery life, around 3 to 4 hours.Tested with iPad, iPhone, Android and PC.Simple Web UI interface.Very reliable.So far tested up to 6 devices.Wireless N 150 speed.When set properly, a PC can connect through LAN and get the 3G Internet.Can track data usage, it will save the amount of data used and continue to count the next time you use it.
    Best bang for the buck. You wouldn't find such device at a lower price.
    Great product.
  • Battery Balance Charger

    posted by opelevod

    Universal programmable balance charging and digit device. Works with all main accumulators today. Besides standard programs of charging discharge, change of key parameters manually through the menu is possible.
    For a charge of automobile accumulators it was necessary most to make a cord with connectors which isn't present in a device set.
    Excellent inexpensive and universal charger


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