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battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Cheap LiPo charger

    posted by Hands0m

    -Price, valuable costs almost 30€ in my country.-Charges fast. (2200Mah battery in an hour)-Can emptythe battery.-Automatic no risk of burning LiPos at all
    CHEAP, and greatly working LiPo charger.I would recommend this to every owner of an lipo battery...
    Good charger! is very valuable to me. have been using it for an month, have not had any problems at all. very useful.
  • very good!

    posted by andrehn

    - Fast charge- Can charge another battery and leave camera to you continue taking pictures- Don't need an USB for charge battery- 100v ~ 240v automatic
    If you will be out for a while, buy another battery and have this with you. Nothing is worst that wanna take a picture and be "out of battery".Also, the automatic set for voltage will allow you to use it anywhere in the world.
    Worth the value!
  • working perfectly

    posted by Nighteyes

    - working well without any issues encountered so far- led light to indicate when charging and when finished charging- battery fits in nicely- price is cheap compared to other places- easy to carry and pack into bag (no wires)
    Bought this because the original GF2 battery charger was lost. Tried searching it in local shops but all of them no longer sell this. Might be because there arent many GF2 users so they dont keep stock for this charger plus its an old camera as well.
    Worth getting as a replacement tot he original GF2 battery charger or handy when travelling.
  • Very good replacement for a broke original

    posted by highrider

    Very good replacement for a broke original charger and battery. My daughter told me she wanted a new phone. I smiled only and solved the problem she told me about. From 1 hour on line back to 2 days. All extras are running during running the phone. Insiders say it is as good as new and orignial
    If it can be delivered for this price why is the original stuff so idiot expansieve ? If can be delivered with this good quality why is the orignial than so bloody expensive.
    Dont steel in yoyre own wallet . Very good replacement part
  • Good product

    posted by fabiokubo

    The battery can charge 2 or 3 times my cell 1650mAh. Easy to use and carry. A great choice for long trips where you do not have a place to charge your phone.
    It's a good option to charge their electronic devices. Rather than charging on car or computer usb. A great alternative for travel, emergencies and is easy to carry. I'm satisfied with the product.

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