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battery charger ni

On this page, you can find a wide selection of battery charger ni. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. Find more hot gadgets at samsung battery charger and camera battery charger. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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battery charger ni Customers Reviews

  • Seems to work so far...

    posted by maizee

    Does the jobcan recharge AAA or AA batteriesLight indicates when they're done recharging
    comes with batteries! what more do you want?
  • Very good device

    posted by diaku

    The charger is very good, the battery last for a very long time. When it came, it came with charged battery at they last for a very long time. After a mouth I charged the battery first time. I'm very surprised with these charger and battery.
    In my country such charger with 4 battery at such capacity will cost you double, or ever triple. I was looking for a good charger and batteries for my external flash on DSLR camera. Now I'm very satisfied with this acquisition.
    If you need a good charger and batteries which lasts a long time you should get these. Thanks DX for such a good device.
  • Works as it is supossed to

    posted by fran82

    This looks like the Nitecore i2.In fact, not only the "looking", the case or the status leds. It also is similar in "working".It charges perfectly Ni-Mh and Li-Ion, with (seems to) an adecuate charging algorithmThe 2 channels are completely independent, and the charging current seems to be 500mA as in the specifications.The LED´s show the charging process. Each led means about 33% of the charging done...It can be powered via mains 110-220v or 12vDC with an adapter (not included).The packaging is nice too, and it includes a mains cable
    When battery is fully discharged all the 3 blink. Then when the battery is more than half, only 2 will blink. Then when charge is almost complete, only 1 will blink. When the charge is done, all 3 leds are light with no blinking.
    Good Ni-Mh and Li-Ion charger for a adecuate price. Recommended when you can not buy something more expensive
  • This is a great deal!!

    posted by gabaumgartner

    The kit is very useful, it is very easy to use and the “plastic box” to keep safe the battery (AA) is perfect.>> O kit é bem complete e útil, muito fácil de usar e a caixinha plástica para guardar as pilhas é perfeita.
    The charger quality could be a little bit better, but nothing to be worry about… >> A qualidade do carregador poderia ser melhor, mas nada com que se preocupar...
    Nothing to say about this point, comments
  • Good product with some nice features

    posted by niko.siltala

    Operates well and charges nicely. Screen tells the phase where charging goes: charge time, persentage of charge, etc. Contains some nice technical properties like polarity and bad battery detection. All-around conections are welcome: different battery sizes and types, EU plug!, USB
    This is my first Lithium battery charger.
    The product looks good and functions well.

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