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battery charger eu plug

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battery charger eu plug Customers Reviews

  • Simple and very useful

    posted by Hanzosw

    * LED display showing charge level, that can help to understand battery status and not only to charge.* Extend USB port turning this device also to regular USB charger.* Giving opportunity to charge your device also in the car
    Nothing to add here :)
    Cheep, simple very useful.Worth it's money and one of "must have" equipment
  • Useful, recommend to buy

    posted by kibenimatik

    It works. Good quality. Informative leds. Battery dock can be used as usb charger. Compatible with EU sockets, also EU plug adapter can be unmounted, so device will take less space in a bag.
    Seems that charger power output about 500mA, this power is not enough to charge battery and phone at once.
    I recommend to purchase it if you are looking for a spare battery for LG-P500
  • Yes,universal

    posted by VirgilF

    this one is really universal.the only one that not fit in was LiOn 26650.a little modification ,and finally 26650 was charging too.Exactly what I need it.small,just for 1 piece to charge,and universal.there is one led which tells me everything I need.red and green.still charging and charged.The price is the stongest PRO.a good universal charger for this money,i think its hard to find.
    I need it 5 minute to change the plug ,and to made it couple of mm longer for 26650.i am very happy with this charger for 3-4 months.(maybe its half year,i don remember).
    well,there are 2 cons.if you never solderd something n your life,and you live in Europe,than I do not recommend.If you are able to solder 2 wires,than you will be happy with this charger.from my POV, thats a real deal,the price beat even those 2 cons.
  • Quality replacement battery for Desire HD

    posted by plignatov

    Battery works well, fits perfectly in the battery slot of Desire HD. The charger works and charges both battery and through USB port.
    If you look at the product as a battery + additional charger for no or little money you will be more than happy with this purchase.
    I like the battery - it looks good and fits well in phone. The charger works, however it did not exactly meet all my expectations.
  • Good product

    posted by aboriani

    - Good charger, but its a clone of the original B6AC, and that should be stated very clearly on the spec page.- It operates just as specified.- It came with a lot of cables, making it easy to connect with most of the batteries connectors out there.- You can power it from the wall cable (included), from any 11-18v power adaptor or even from your car battery, for unexpected field battery recharge.
    The box came with a small hump, but everything inside was ok.
    If you dont mind buying a clone of a great product, this is a great deal!

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