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Every single battery case cover displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. Browse the products from plastic battery case, or some other related Pages like backup battery case. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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battery case cover Customers Reviews

  • Extends your lifespan

    posted by Kfrom62

    Does what it claims to. My phone will not die by the end of the day (and thus I will not die either ...).
    The cover is easy to replace and feels OK.
    [This is short text, but this is more important than the Cons listed below.]
    DX could sell silicon covers that are made for this.
    DX could sell car holders fit for this.
    Solved my most problematic issue with this phone.
    Definitely Like+
  • Great price:performance ratio!

    posted by cliffordlee

    - Out-of-box pre-charged capacity is a huge improvement over my ailing OEM 1230mAh battery. Will benchmark real-world performance when I do have more time. - Decent workmanship (of batteries) aside from slight misalignment in the sticker labellings- The included battery cover has an anti-slip surface!
    - The extended battery+cover is about the same weight as the original battery+metal cover. You'll just to have to get use to the increased bulk (volume) Here are some weight measurements taken: phone - 112g original batt - 25g replacement battery (std capacity) - 25g extended capacity battery - 45g original metal cover - 21g extended plastic cover - 7g std capacity batt+metal cover+phone=158g extended battery+plastic cover+phone=164g - Only time will tell how long will these batteries sustain their rated capacities, but heck, just get it!
    - Good for traveling! And for HD2 users on Android!

    posted by hadid90

    About double the battery life you usually get on a galaxy nexus.. the case fits 100% .. This battery beats a 100$ product ! After 1 month of usage it is still as good as it did on the first day .. amazing really
    they dont have a white case if you have the white galaxy nexus ..
    If you are complaining about the galaxy nexus bad battery life .. this is for you .. for only 12.1$ u can have your cheap pure android experience with the latest Google updates with you all day along :)
  • As good as the real one

    posted by itgadgets

    My original controller stopped working and I found out that the contact point of the battery cover case has rusted badly. This battery cover case for xbox 360 wireless controller worked perfectly. Instead of buying an expensive new controller, this cheap $1.75 case did the trick!
    It works great. Definitely much cheaper than buying a new controller to replace one that is still working fine.
    Get it if you know your battery cover case is the problem if your controller is not working.
  • Very good if you go through more then one battery in a day

    posted by harsat

    fitts really well. some of the other "big" batteries do not fit, so thats a big pro. last almost twice as much as the original battery. lasts more then twice then most replacemnet after market batteris.Still works well after using it for over 6 month.Charge is good. not sure about the 5200mah, but it should be pretty close.
    I have 3 of those and few more regular "thin" batteries. I didnt measure but it feels like it holds more then twice the power of a regular battery.
    If you use your phone a lot - its a must. also i recommand that you buy a wall charger, and another battery, so you will always have one charged and ready to go.

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